Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo shoot!!

 I wanted to do a photo shoot with Adrienne and her new guitar. She loves feeling like a model/famous as well!! If anyone knows of a free photo editing software so I can fix where my sheet doesn't cover let me know! I want to fix up a few of these to hang on the wall!
 We had 5 kids running around while we tried to do this but of course Sam was the worst wanting to get in on the session with big sister. You can't see her but Rylin is hiding behind the sheet and pushes her head through every now and then. So we kept is short and sweet, hopefully we can do a better one on a more calm day. I think these turned out great of HER though if you don't mind the imperfect backdrop.

 I guess Taylor Swift has a photo of her laying on her bed with her guitar and so Adrienne was trying to reconstruct that here. : )

She is in 7th heaven! Picking up on it extremely quickly as well! So proud of her!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas with Gma Deb and Papa Gary!

 We all met up at our house to enjoy time together, good food and gifts. The kids could not wait to open the big gifts since we all know bigger is better when you are little! I even had a big gift!! lol
 Of course Sam had to be by Ryiln and I, how could he miss any of the action!

 Look at Adrienne's gift! She looks pretty excited!
 They they started and the paper went flying!
 The most anticipated gift they gave that day would probably be Adrienne's! A real guitar!
 She was beyond excited and had her fingers red and swollen for several day learning to play. We found free online lessons and she can already play some songs and self taught herself a Taylor Swift song that she sings while she plays. This girl has a gift for music!

 Look at that smile!
 I was so excited that Great Grandma Wismer got to join us! I think she really enjoyed herself and we enjoyed having her!

 The aftermath! : )
 Great photo of Papa Gary!
The boys trying to figure out their boys transformers. : )

So I didn't get a picture of my gift but I got a Cuisinart Elite food processor. I am loving it and used it a TON already!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Library craft day!

 At least once a year the Library has a craft day. Since I am now picking up hours to help out Marilyn I was in charge of picking out the crafts and helping out that day along with another employee. It was a lot of fun searching for crafts that would work, were not too pricey and can be brought home right after creating.
 The kids had lots of fun and I never got pictures of the finished projects (and they are packed in the Christmas stuff) but they made a movable caterpillar, book marks and color sheets.
 They painted each part of the caterpillar and then did other crafts while they dried. Then we used brads and put the body sections together and used googly eyes and a cut pipe cleaner for antenna.
 The weather was not very good that day so we didn't have a very good turn out, but those whole ventured out in the snow had a good time. : )

Edible craft!!

 Me and my handsome brother!! Miss you Andy!
 So I got this idea from a friend who got it off Pinterest. You are suppose to use mini candy canes but I couldn't find any so the regular size was used and worked just fine.
 You unwrap the candy cane and put a marshmallow on the end of the candy cane. You then dunk them in melted chocolate and roll them crushed candy cane. You let dry and use these as stirring sticks for your hot chocolate.
 The girls had fun but Lane didn't want to do the making process but he enjoyed eating them!!

 I'm pretty sure Rylin ate marshmallows the whole making process!

 They turned out pretty cute huh!
 My beautiful model!
 Lane enjoying this treat!

Such a pretty presentation! It was a fun craft and I think the kids loved that it was edible. Bonus that you don't have even more hand made art laying around since we all know that with multiple kids you have that coming out your ears! : )

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

 Santa came but we didn't find his goods until later in the day when we got back from Christma at my parents. The kids were so excited to open their gifts and I was so excited for them to see what we had gotten them!
 I am sad that the pictures of each child and their gifts didn't turn out great but wanted to include them all the same.

 And let the paper ripping begin!!

 I love watching their little faces as they see each gift. They are not easy to shop for so finding they love what they got was exciting!
 Look at that mess!! They must be having a good time!
 While Rylin and Lane are off having a nurf war it is time for Adrienne to open her Santa gift. I have been waiting for this!! She was super excited! She has wanted a touch screen item for a long time!

 The two little ones, let me tell you I have become accustom to nurf bullets whizzing by my face ever since Christmas morning...: )

 Finally got Lane and Rylin to sit and do their Santa stuff. Note the look on their faces in the picture below. That is the look I got when they saw the gift Santa had brought them.....a Leap Pad 2. Not too excited I would say. : /
 But Lane gave me a little hope and in the end they have shared like a dream and loved playing on it! We all had a wonderful Christmas together although I am sad it is over. I love having everyone around!!