Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craft time fun!

We had 4 hours today with no power thanks to the new power poles going up. So while Addie and I were out yesterday we went shopping for a craft to do during it. She picked out little tote bags and we got fabric markers and the kids had a blast!
Poor little Rylin could barely see over the edge of the table lol. I love the fabric markers as opposed to fabric paints because then the littlest ones could do it all on their own, and we all know how much they love independence.
Lane and his monster face.
Rylin and her "face."
Emma was here this weekend and so she got in on the fun as well.
I love what Adrienne did with her bag!
Lane's finished bag!
Rylin's finished bag!
Lane being silly!
Rylin had to get in on hamming it up!
Adrienne and Emma with their bags!
Adrienne's bag!
Lane's bag!
They really enjoyed the craft and as soon as they were done coloring the bags ran off to fill them with goodies. Lane and Rylin picked cars to tote around while Emma and Adrienne headed upstairs to find a good use for their bags.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Grandpa's little helper

Grandpa came over to install cabinets in my laundry room. Rylin was happy to help. She decorated the washer while waiting for him to bring them up from the basement.
Then when he had to stand on a chair she went and got her potty so she could "see" as well. I don't know how helpful she really was lol but she had fun with him being there. Although she kept asking where Grandma was so next time mom is going to have to come as well lol.
Thanks dad I love having the extra storage in my laundry room!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What we do when it gets cold...

I know I am crazy but my kids get hyper when cooped up and it was waay to cold to go out and play. I usually pull the couch cushions off and have them just jump on those but that was not fun enough. Lane wanted to jump off the table so I went with it. (With CLOSE supervision). As you can tell they had tons of fun and I am knocking on wood to say they have not tried it on their own since.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Fun!

I love it when all of my brothers and sisters and their families get together. There is never a dull moment with all the adorable little ones running around. I am sad that I forgot my camera for all but the last day but will have to snatch pictures from my siblings to post on here.
Uncle Andy being a human jungle gym for Rylin. She loves playing with him and is spoiled by him, as are all his nieces and nephew. They enjoy all of their Aunts and Uncles but since I didn't bring a camera am sad that I can't post pics of them with the others. : (
Trying to get a picture of 5 tired kiddos is quite the challenge. We never got the perfect shot (notice Lanes outfit. He insisted on wearing his new jammies to Grandma and Grandpa's but had a mishap with the pants) We finally gave up on getting a great picture lol.
I love Claire looking at Ryin in this one.
A bunch of cute girls...
It was a GREAT Christmas! We are blessed!

"I love my Gampa"

While we were at my parents for Christmas Rylin spend some time cuddling with her Gampa. When she sees pictures of him she will tell me "I love my Gampa." She is such a sweetheart!
I think someone is going to having him tied around her little finger....
I love that she is not shy of any of our family and even if we don't see them for a couple months (does that even happen?) she picks up where she left off.
I think Grandpa enjoyed the cuddles as well. : )

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who needs a layzboy?

The other day I walk into the bathroom to find this. She means comfort when she is taking a bathroom break lol.
I think she thought that I was a little nuts snapping pictures while she was on the potty but I had to capture this so I can show her how adorably cute she is when she gets older. I love her and her big personality so much!

Adorable sleepers

How can you resist their cuteness when they are sleeping. No more screaming, fighting with siblings just quiet. The stress of the day melts away while sitting there looking at them slumber.
Rylin is a crazy sleeper in the positions she chooses. lol
One tired little girl after a long day of being a 2 year old. I love it when they sleep with their bum in the air!

They find fun anywhere...

At my parents house they have a vent from the master bedroom to the living room. We were watching tv and saw this! lol
Rylin had to get in on the fun as well...
Not long after Adrienne ran in to see the view. These kids crack me up! They will find fun in anything!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The best of Christmas!

Are these outfits not adorable?! Aunt Emily made all of the girls in the family one and they love them! We got lots of great gifts but I have to say my favorite are made from the heart and with the hands. Here are some of the beautiful and loved gifts we got this year!

Lane with the wreath he made us for Christmas.
The wall hanging my mom made me!
The mitten ornaments Addie made her whole class all on her own. She filled them with candy before handing them out!
Rylin wearing the adorable outfit her Aunt Emily made her holding the lamb Aunt Julie made her!
Is this not adorable! Julie is a "new" knitter if you can believe it by looking at this cute little thing. Rylin loves it and so do I!
Another one of Adrienne's mitten that she handed out at school.
The outfits I made Rylin and my Niece Claire for Christmas!
The wall hanging I made my parents for Christmas!
The scarf and hat set I made myself!
Rylin's hat and scarf set...
Lane's hat and scarf set....
Adrienne's hat and scarf set!
Rylin wearing her outfit at Grandma Berts house.
Adrienne wearing the oufit Aunt Emily made her for Christmas!