Tuesday, September 20, 2011

veeg :(

Since Rylin had her seizure she has not been right at night. Sleeping way to deep, unable to get her to wake, shallow breathing, apnea, twitching ect. So today we came in to do a video recorded eeg. She seemed to like getting all 24 electrodes glued to her head. I think it helped that she loves having her hair played with.

Have you ever seen a cuter patient!?!

And the sucker is just icing on the cake!

Then it was time to play some. There isn't much to do when you are "plugged" into the wall. But we made the best of it and she did really really well.

Our awesome nurse brought in a couple movies for Rylin to watch and so she is chilling with one unopened sucker and hard to see but one in the process of being eaten in the other hand.
More play time.

Then time to eat. She must not have been to hungry. I ordered a pb&j sandwich, mac and cheese and yogurt just like she wanted and she barely touched it! Very strange for this girl....could it have been a few too many suckers?!
Then about the time when she was starting to get really bored and driving her mommy just a wee bit nutty we were saved by her cousins. As you can see in this shot Rylin was very happy to have company!
They get along so well. Here they are coloring together.

And little miss Claire was sitting on the bed playing doll house, someone looks tired.
Right after they left I put her to sleep. She must have been really tired since she was out in a matter of minutes. I really thought we would have a struggle on our hands since she took a awesome nap.
My poor sweet baby, I love you soo much!

I hope we get the info that we are needing from this. I know something is not right ever since her seizure but it is only at night. I am hoping what ever it is is easily fixable and I can have my healthy little girl back, or at least not live in fear of a horrible seizure like she had.

New baby=human doll

This blog post was hard to see. These pictures were taken the day before Rylins seizure. Life was good, normal, not a care in the world. Her face looks different to me here, like she is younger or has not "lived" as much as she has now.
Onto the joy of this post. A friend had a new baby and boy is she a little beauty. Rylin wanted to play doll with her lol. She loved her up and informed us that she likes little babies and wanted to stay "here". : )

We spent the day relaxing and just enjoying the company of a good old friend. It was a wonderful day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my little Lane!

Lane had a fun Birthday celebration with Gma Deb, Papa Gary and Aunt Julie. Uncle Justin and his kids were here as well of course. We started off with from scratch mac and cheese and salsa chicken and salad for lunch then onto the fun stuff.... gifts!!
We did the non fun gifts first, clothes!
The look of concentration!
His sweet big sister sewed him a bag to keep his cars in. And picked out a little car to go in the bag. He really liked it!

One of his favorite gifts, his new cowboy boots! He is a total cowboy these days! He also got a deer blind that he thinks is a awesome tent!
Not excited or anything~
Time for cake, I did ice cream cake again (can you tell I am addicted to his yummy stuff!)

Waiting to blow out the candles while we sing to him.
And no girl friends. Now it is time to dig in and enjoy all that hard work! *cough*

He had a great time. I can not believe my baby boy is 5yo! Where does the time go! Makes me sad to think that before I know it they will all be grown and gone. I want to put their lives in slow motion!

Love ya Laney Poo!

Just me and my girl

It was a huge shock to go from having her siblings and neighbor girls around every day to it just being us. She is/was much more clingy and just starting to enjoy her time alone.
What a cute face.....carrying on. : )

She loves her book. She has to pull out not one, not two, but a whole pile every time we sit down to read.
Hard to carry all those book!
Apparently not happy with her selection. She has to dig for just the right ones.
And then spend some time hanging on mom. I was sitting on the floor and she is on my back in this picture. Hard to get a photo holding the camera up facing behind you lol.
Such a sweet girl. I am enjoying every minute of my time with her and how quiet and relaxing are days are. By the time school gets out she is more than ready to spend some time with her siblings and there is so much less fighting now that they have some time during the day to miss each other!

sleeping sweet hearts

There is nothing better than watching your children sleep. Looking at these pictures made me think I need to sneak up the creaky stairs and snap some of Adrienne as well.
Whenever the kids are sleeping in the bed Sam has to join. He is always up for a nap as well as cuddling with his kids!