Friday, March 23, 2012

Tissue paper lantern

2 icee lids per lantern
tissue paper
glue of some sort (I used a hot glue gun)
battery operated tea light

First cut the edge off one of the lids and then cut a piece about an inch and a half from the cut rim.
Glue the cut piece across the straw hole of the lid.
Place a ribbon of glue to the rim of the lid and press the two lids together to form a ball shape.
Place glue around top rim of tea light and press to bottom hole of "ball."

Then start placing the cut squares of tissue paper to the lamp. You can cut them into as big or small of a size as you want.
Put them on the end of a pencil apply glue and press just like in grade school. : )
It is a long process but looks super cute when done!
When done applying tissue paper or before, thread ribbon through the top hole under the little piece of lid you glued on in the beginning. Then make a bow and thread down the ribbon.
And you are done! So fun!

Day one, fun with cousins!!

On the first day of our trip we stopped and spent the night at my sisters. Rylin had a BLAST with her cousins! We started if off with lunch outside which was a hit!
Rylin really looks up her her cousin Hannah. She always says Hannah is her best friend! : )
We then went to the Children's Museum. Rylin had a smile on her face the entire time!! She was just in aww of the fun it held!
In the art room she made some beautiful pictures!
Then we went to the airplane room. She tentatively climbed up into the plane and then was too scared to get down so I had to climb up and get her. The space between the steps and wings was like 3 or 4 feet tall. Fun times! lol
Hannah and Rylin playing in the tree house!
I think Rylin would say every room was her favorite but I think this one may have been since we have spent every day home playing "checker" as she calls it at least once a day.
Rough day at work Rylin? lol
Very serious!
Then we went to the music room. The girls had fun trying to put on a show although no one did the same thing at the same time Hannah patiently tried to teach them a performance for us : )

I love this picture with Claire and Rylin dancing!

Rylin could not stop talking about her day spend with her cousins. One of the best moments (and a funny one at that) wason the second floor they have toddler size bathroom. As soon as we walk in Rylin says "now this is what I am talking about" and just keeps repeating that statement the whole time she was in there. Then every place we stopped to potty on our trip she asked if they had a kid toilet! Ha!

I can't wait to come back and bring Lane I know he would love the Children's Museum as well!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fly by posting from Ohio!

We are currently in Ohio visiting my brother Andy. This picture was taken at the West side market. I have lots of pictures from there I will post later but had to share this one because it turned out so good!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

sleeping beauties

This is a huge milestone for us, Rylin falling asleep without me! I had gone to hang out with a friend and came home to this. My little girls cuddled sleeping, melts my heart let me tell you.