Saturday, December 3, 2011

Halloween finally!

Did I not tell you I adopted a new dog. Just kidding. This was taken at the vet clinic here in Radcliffe. We went with the story time group trick or treating to all the businesses like we do every year. I love how he just lets her dress him up and sports it so well. Poor Sam no I want to have a costume for him next year.
And Paula's dog was a bumble bee. : )
Here is part of the gang. No one wanted their picture taken if you couldn't tell. Rylin made me sit up there with her and she still wouldn't smile.
Now to ready the pumpkins for Halloween night. I got baking pumpkins this year and we did paint again. We have done this once before it works really great with littler kids.
I love watching them get all creative. They really get into it!

The gang. Love Rylins face : )
Sam wanted to paint a pumpkin as well. But since he couldn't he just sat with his the kids.
Rylin is really getting into it! She is very serious!
Adrienne's finished pumpkin. We then did some outlining in glow in the dark paint so it looked cool at night.

Look at that concentration!
Lane's all done! He looks so proud!
And Miss Rylin's she looks pretty proud as well!
The finished pumpkins! Pretty cute I'd say!
All the prep it is finally time for some trick or treating! We started the evening doing dinner at the fire station in Jewell. We then met up with old neighbors of ours and their girls are friends of Adrienne's and had a great evening. Addie was a gypsy Lane was a ghost and Rylin was a princess. I made all of their outfits as well.