Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love family time!

The other weekend all my siblings came home, including Amanda and Chad's new puppy Macie! She warmed up to Grandpa right away!
We celebrated Adrienne's Birthday!
The outfit Emily made her, it is super cute and she wore it to school that next Monday! lol
And Grandma and Grandpa spoil her so and got her a cell phone. She was super excited and has been annoying me with text messages ever since. : )

Amanda and her two little loves. Maggie actually didn't do to bad as far as being bent out of shape with Macie here. But there was one time that Amanda was having Macie show off her tricks and Maggie got mad and went and sat by Dad. (She doesn't usually like Dad.) Then Amanda offered Maggie a treat and she turned up her nose at it. She was NOT happy : (
When we all get together Grandma alway has a craft for the kids. Here they are making magnetic photo frames.
Although it looks like Adrienne is texting instead instead of crafting....
And Lane hard at work.
Group shot, a couple more kids added to the mix and we will need the whole table!
Then it was time for some outside play. Grandma and Grandpa had gotten the kids bubble blowers for Easter and they had a blast running around the yard blowing bubbles.

She is going to get me!
Andy got a dirt bike, I think it is way to dangerous for my little brother to be riding personally. :)
Of course Lane thinks it is really cool.
Dad in one of his green houses.
Lots of plants ready to be put into the ground!
While we were out reminiscing about all the fun we had in the barns as kids I took a couple photos of some of my favorite things. One being the rope wall thing that reminded me of Indiana Jones.
See those ropes hanging from the ceiling? We used to hang onto those and swing from the top story to the bottom and let go and fall pretty much a story into the hay waiting below. Tons of fun!!
By the end of the weekend Macie decided that Aunt Kate was really not that bad after all. It was a really fun weekend. I love it when we all get together!!!

Baby kitties!

This little beauty had her first litter of kittens a couple weeks ago. They are all so adorable and she is such a good mommy!
She picked the inside of Grandpa Steves cargo van for her babies first home. Here is Macie, she really wanted to check them out.
Aww so tiny and cute!
Mama checking out her baby to make sure every thing was ok.
I know this one is blurry but it is so cute with her tongue sticking out.

The good mommy nursing her babies.
All of the kids were in aww of the baby kitties.

There are 5 of them but looks like a full house when they are all feeding. They are so fun to sit and cuddle with.


As much as Lane and Rylin fight they really do love each other. I love catching moments were they are showing their love for each other. The other day I noticed them cuddling in the chair. Sam was sitting on the floor staring at them which in Sam language means "can I come up and cuddle too?"
Love them!

End of another school year

We started the morning making a card for Lanes teachers to thank them for the great school year. Rylin insisted on making a card as well.
Lane wanted to trace his hand so I help him and he colored it in.
I don't think he felt like crafting because he is normally much better about staying in the lines, not today.
Rylin hard at work as well.
If you can't tell it is totally embarrassing to have your mom take pictures of you on the last day of school. I am sad I cut Rylins big grin off of the photo. I didn't even realize it until I got home and pulled up the pics on the computer.
The last day of school was rainy and we got soaked and had to change our clothes after taking him to school and again after picking him up. Made me very glad it was the last day!
The umbrella is so big compared to her!
Once we got home we went to work baking bread. This was Rylin's special time with mama during the school year and we had to get in one more batch before it turned into a family event this summer.
She very impatiently waits to lick the dough hooks and bowl.
Yeah it is finally time! If I scrap the bowl too well she will throw a fit! She loves dough just like her mama!
And before we knew it it is was time to get Lane from school again. The house will no longer be quiet for 3 hours a day but hopefully we will have a fun filled summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May day!

For Story time we went around and handed out May bags to local businesses. The kids had lots of fun. Here they are at the bank, I think Sandy (the dog) wanted in on the treats! : )
And at the Reality shop.
The Telephone company.
The cabinet shop. That is Rylin handing one out!

Then we headed back to the library to enjoy our own May bags and stories.
Coy and Emma enjoying theirs,
Owen enjoying his.
Mmm chocolate!
Here we are at the post office. Blogger was having a attitude so I couldn't move it. : (
Rylin during the story. The kids really enjoy their time at the library!!!