Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Math Star Award!

 Lane was awarded the Math Star award at school today. It was a cute little ceremony.
 I should add he wanted to wear Christmas socks that went half way up his legs that had little santa head that was suppose to go at the back of your ankle front and center in the middle of his shins. As funny as it was I made him change but would have made for great pictures today! : )

The wall art that he made for today : ) I'm so proud of my little math star!

Fishing fun!

 Sunday after I got off work we packed a quick picnic and headed to the lake for some fishing. Rylin was the first to catch a fish within minutes of throwing her line in!
 Lane was such a good sport and kept telling her what a good fisher she was <3
 I love how much they love and support each other and hope they are always this close!
 That is one proud fisher!!
 Yet again still getting used to this blog I uploaded the old way so my post is backwards but here is Rylin before her fish, patiently waiting the whole 3 minutes!

 And my handsome Lane,girl pole and all. : )
Once again Adrienne chose to be at Grandma and Grandpas instead : ( In her defense she hasn't stayed there in months and really missed it!

It was lots of fun, the kids tired of fishing quickly and went off to play with the toys we brought. Joe and I relaxed and fished and ended up with around 10 fish that we had for dinner the following night. : )

A day at the park

 This past weekend we had my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary at a local park. We got there a little early and walked the trails and played on the equipment. We were at the park for 6 1/2 hours! The kids had a blast and were asleep in no time!  Addie was there too but rode with Grandma and Grandpa so missed the hike. : (

sleeping beauty

Just a cute shot I got the other night when Miss. Rylin fell sleep in the toy room bed all on her own!