Thursday, June 27, 2013


 The other day we went to Little Wall Lake and had lunch and fished. It was a beautiful day and was so nice to spend time together!
 Lane throwing rocks into the water.

 Sisters playing together <3 p="">

 Lane avoiding the camera : )

 Joe trying to look like a model!

 Finally fishing!
 I had an adorable picture of all three of them fishing but it had a bit of bottom crack in it and I don't know how to cover that up. : (
Lane was the only one to catch a fish that day and look at what a tiny little guy it was! lol

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day

I had to work Fathers Day but when I got home we had Grandpa Steve over for a steak dinner. It was nice. While I did not get any pictures of the kids with their dad (great mom huh lol) I got this super cute picture of Rylin and her VERY loved Grandpa!

T Ball!!!

 Rylin and her friend Aleighia ready for their first game!

 She did more playing in the sand than watching for the ball. Thank goodness it never came flying at her!
 Look at that face! She gave me the sweetest little wave before she took the swing as well. Melted my heart!

 Took a couple of tries but she finally got it!
 And off she goes!
 Good game! They don't keep score but Rylin caught a ball that rolled her way and thought she won the game! She was so proud of herself!
 Hanging with her friends while brother has his game.
 At the beginning of the season they always hit off the tee but halfway through they started pitching to them. They give them 3 tries and then they offer the tee. Lane hit it each time! I was so proud of him! Age wise he was to be on Rylins team but he was with the older kids and did great! Rylin's team never got the ball pitched to them.

 And he is off!
 Good game! Lane really enjoyed T ball, Rylin never wanted to actually play the game. I am hoping Lane at least wants to play again next year. He is a natural at sports!
 Grandma Cheri came to a game and as she put it, Rylin is pretty sure she was put out on the field to look cute. That is totally right. The whole time she is walking up to bat she is smiling and waving at people like she is famous. Everyone comments how cute that little girl is! lol


 Enjoy a few (a lot) of random pictures. Most of these are taken by Adrienne on her camera. : )

 Love these two!
 Jammin out!
 Aww Great Grandpa!
 Big sis did my make up!
 King of the house...
 Adrienne's photo shoot!

 My handsome boy!

 Riding with her naked baby. She won't keep clothes on it!
 Look no hands! Eek!
 My monkey

 My beauty

And one tired Rylin fast asleep! We are on a whirl wind of enjoying summer! Hope this find you all happy and healthy and enjoying summer yourselves!