Friday, November 1, 2013


 Warning this post has 52 pictures!! lol Joe and I took a couple days and went to North Eastern Iowa a tiny town called Harpers Ferry. It is so beautiful up there and we were blessed with great weather! Although if I ever get to take a trip away from my kids I need anti anxiety meds because I was terribly anxious about being away from them while we were gone!
 We got a cabin, it was cheap and then we had our own kitchen so we only ate one meal out a day. It was beautiful hand cut and dried by a friend of theirs. I could totally live in something like this! This is a picture of the eating area with bathroom to the left and kitchen to the right.
 The loft,
Neat solid stair case
 Up in the loft. There are 2 full size beds and a twin up there.
 Looking down from the loft. We ended up pulling the futon out into a bed because with the pillow top mattress on top it was impossible to sit on it comfy.
 Another shot of the kitchen and that door is the back door of the cabin.
 We did a lot of hiking, some fishing, and one day of hunting.
 The outlooks you hike to are so beautiful! I wouldn't get too close to the end because I am terrified of heights but I really enjoyed the view anyways. : )

 This is a stick that shows how high the water was during each of these floods. I wish it wasn't out in the middle of the water so I could show just how high up those measurements are.

 To fish in this spot we had to walk a mile each direction and then we only caught 2 fish! lol But is was beautiful!
 Small fish at that! lol
 There are lots of rocks here that are sliced all the way though like this. Why does that happen?

 This look out was so high up and so steep that you couldn't even see the ground when you looked out the car window. It was pretty dang scary!

 A barge!

 Look what I caught! lol
 Pretty flowers by where we were fishing one day.
 I could totally live here!

 Joe and his manly pink floral blanket! lol

 More inside pics.

 The outside of our cabin
 They have a total of 6 cabins.
 This guy was in the entrance to the cabins. Joe thought he was hilarious!
 Out for a hike.
 Joe standing on the edge of a bluff (Yes I said that a lot lol reminded me of the trip when Joey was like "look a bluff!!!" Spitting the whole time! Ha Ha
 Another look out, that is water down below and there is a high way but you can't see it from my view.
 A cabin we found, I so want to live in one of these one day!
 A dried up creek we came across in the state park we were hiking in.
 I wish i would have gotten out of the car for this picture. It is perfect beauty minus the reflection of the dash board. : (
 My knitting next to all Joes hunting stuff. It is what I did to keep busy waiting for a deer. That and reading. We never did see a deer that day although there were 30 in this spot the day before.

 I look pretty darn good as a hunter if I do say so myself!

 We went into Lansing to each one day and there was a huge ice cream cone! So do course I had to have my picture taken with it.
 Then we walk around to the other side and he HAD to take a picture of the chubby girl with the skinny dip sign! lol

We saw no deer but we did see all these wild turkeys! It was a fun trip, we went to 2 yarn stored in Wisconsin and got yarn to make Joe and I some felted slippers. We hope to come back some time.  I want to thank my parents for watching my crazy children and dog!