Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Lane!

My little man is 4 years old now, so hard to believe!
Mommy made him a rainbow cake and he loved it. He also requested purple frosting as well. Yes he is wearing zipper jammies because he insisted. lol
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Laney Happy Birthday to you!
His new bike safety gear. Lightning McQueen of course.
Addie and Rylin watching him open presents.
He got lots of great gifts but had to wait for his gift from us as shipping took longer than expected.
I am this many now!!!
Pictures of the other party animals lol
Umm yes she is naked under there. *blush*
Lane enjoying his favorite meal of mac and cheese he requested for dinner. He also got a pop from Grandma Deb. (as did the other kidlets) It was a fun party and he had lots of fun!

Apple picking and summer beauty

I love my brother...
And he loves me!
We went to papa Garys parents farm and picked apples for apple sauce, dehydrated apples and froze some for yummy desserts! Here is Rylin having fun with the ladder.
And here is the tree frog we found.
Lane and Rylin were great helpers!
And we had to try some out as well.

A beautiful flower in Grandma Deb and Papa Garys front yard.
Adrienne enjoying some of the pretty flowers.
And a shot for Sam. I think he is enjoying the wagon ride more than the kids lol.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baking with my littlest

Time alone with Rylin has been rare as she is the youngest but with Lane gone at school 4 days a week for 3 hours we are enjoying some one on one time together.
This morning was gloomy and just seemed perfect for baking some cookies. I have a great recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip so that is what we made. Rylin mainly played in the flour but that was her idea of helping. : )
Rylin is fine without Lane for the first part of the morning and by the time we go to pick him up she is more than ready to see her brother again.
And the other night I caught Lane cuddling with his sister, you can tell he misses her as well. I love how strong the love between siblings is.

Mommy and daughter day in

Grandma Cheri and Grandpa Steve were nice and took the two younger kids one evening so we could have some time alone to do things we enjoy. Adrienne worked on the skirt that Grandma is helping her make. She is very good at sewing already, keeping a even seem allowance and making sure to lock her stitches. It will be really cute when it is finished and she is super excited about it.

Knitting is something that I just learned how to do and being my crafty little follower Adrienne wanted to learn how to as well. So we ran to the store and got her some needles and cotton yarn and she is working on a washrag for herself for in the bath. She picked it up quickly and has another hobby now.
After the sewing and knitting we headed to a neighbors to get some veggies for me to put up for the winter. Addie loved going and hanging out with Marilyn and we were thankful that she had enough to share with us.
Let me just say I think Addie has outgrown the wagon but her and Sam had a fun little ride on the way.
And Sam walked himself home...
Once home and before we went and got the littles we had to bake of course, so chocolate chip cookies it is. We had a enjoyable evening spending time together and love having mommy daughter dates.