Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 My camping kitchen set up. Pretty much perfect and MUCH better than digging through totes! I managed to get everything from my totes into these. Now thinking of getting another of the 3 drawer for clothes instead of bringing our suit case. I know I am obsessed with finding a way to fit my OCD in with camping! lol
 Sam enjoyed this trip more than the last. He was really pretty relaxed the whole time. It was cute because at night we had the lower vent open and he sat there looking out almost the whole night. Like his own window. : )
 It is really beautiful there!

 Lane, Rylin and Daddy doing some fishing.

 They had lots of fun playing, though it was a little hot if you can't tell by Rylins face in the photo below.

 These are blurry but so sweet and fun I had to share. Adrienne borrowed my camera to take these. She loves taking pictures!

 Time for some down time, the kids decided a game of cards would be fun. I forgot how enjoyable these games are!

 Smores time!!

 Rylin was so proud that she learned how to get onto the button swing as they call it!

 And she is off!

 She spies me..
 Cute Sam!
 Is he not adorable! found a comfy spot in the tent.
A view of the lake. It was a really nice weekend even if it was hot. We woke to bad thunderstorms and hard rain and looked at radar and the chance of them clearing before we had to leave was not happening. So we packed up camp and went home early Sunday morning. : ( So much for 20% chance of rain Sunday. lol I love camping and can't wait to go again!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Family Reunion

 Emily arranged a family reunion at Brookside park. We were lucky and got beautiful weather!

 The girls are blurry but thought it was so cute that Grandpa was pushing Claire on the swing.
 Attempting a picture of all the great grand kids (that were there) the Great Grandpa!
 Not Lane and then note Rylin. Lane hates having his picture taken most of the time. : (

 Loving on sweet baby Edward!

 A photo of all the reunion goers!
 Then we went to play some more and go on a nature trail. Get ready to laugh, Joe jumping off the swing seriously cracks me up!

 So Lane has to try...

 Didn't really get off the ground.

 Now Adrienne...note feet hovering, she was mid air even if only for a mili second.
 And thank goodness Rylin passed up trying.
 Joe playing on the fire truck. I mean .....

 Lane holding on for dear life while Adrienne drives like a maniac! : )

 One of the only pictures of all 3 of them together. : )
 Joe and his little girlfriend. lol

 Lets get a cute picture on the rock...

 Or not. : ) These kids make blogging hard work!
 Rylin was pouting for some reason. : (
 But Lane was up for photos, love his smile!!

 Thank you Emily for taking our picture!!

 Off on our nature walk.

 Photo op over...

It was one of those days you never want to end, perfect.