Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 So I have been on an organizational kick lately. Going through closets and such. Well it came time to organize my knitting supplies and I had been eyeing what is called a roll for you double pointed needles. I thought "hey I can make that" so I did today.
 I used fabric that my mom had given me that I loved and whipped up this cute needle holder.
It works perfectly. Currently it holds all my DPNs. I made it the width of the fabric and figured if I get more needles and need more room I will make a second one. One for larger needles and one for smaller. I am quite pleased with how this turned out.

(If you click on a photo it will enlarge.)

School days....

Each of my kids started school on a different day. I think that was helpful in not feeling like they were all just 'gone' in one day.
 School started first for Miss. Adrienne. As we all know she is quite the poser! She is loving 7th grade!!

 Then Mr. Lane started school. He was excited but he holds his emotions in more than the girls do. Rylin was a little upset that she had to wait 5 more days to go to school.
 Here they are walking together on Lanes first day. He is very anti pictures and wouldn't let me get a photo of him in front of the school. : (
 Finally Miss. Rylin got to start school! She was SO excited I don't even know how she slept that night but she did! She loves pictures as well and was all about posing for me.

 Walking to school on Rylins first day!
 Rylin in front of the school. I even tried to get Lane to join this day as well and he refused. : (
Finally outside the classroom. She had no issues and quickly ran off to play. Day two and three I had to kiss her outside the door. My babies are growing up. : ( I am so proud of the children they have become though!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farmers Market

 I have gotten to be the one to go to Market with Dad and it is a lot of fun! Like playing store for a couple hours. Love it!
(Nice shadow huh?)
 We get mostly foreign customers and has his loyal customers who come every Saturday. People will come a half hour early and pick out their veggies and wait in line for the whistle to blow at 8. All the other booths are empty till people have gone through the line at Dads stand. Pretty amusing and says a lot about the quality of the produce he provides.

 Market runs from 8 am to 1pm. ever Saturday. We are sold out of many things by 10 or so. You should check it out!

The Garden!

Warning this is going to be a LOT of  photos!

 As a lot of you know I go every Friday and help Dad pick for Farmers Market. It is a lot of fun most days and pretty much every time I wonder how in the world someone as *cough* young as Dad can do it. It is a work out! But I enjoy every minute out there with my Dad!
 This is one of his gardens. It has beets, tomatos, bitter melons, cucumbers, onions, another kind of onion I can't think of the name right now of course. I know I am forgetting some things.
 This picture and a few of the following are of the bitter melon set up. Dad took branches and put them over the fencing he has the melons grown up. It looks so cool in there the pictures don't do it justice!
 It may be hard to tell in the pictures but the rows are LONG!
 A bitter melon is a very nutritious veggie that you cook before eating and is bitter in flavor. Americans ask why anyone would want to eat it and Asians stand in line for it.
 Tomatos on one side and flowers Adrienne planted on the other. : )

 You can see the bitter melons in this shot.

 Dad and his gardening partner Nosey.
 This is of 3 dill patches. This one has gone to seed now. I took this picture the day I came and harvested dill seed for winter cooking.
 This garden has more cucumbers, hot peppers, green beans, basil, and zucchini.
 Melons anyone. Goes clear to the field you can barely see at the end on the shot.
 This garden has kohlrabi, chinese egg plant, and I can't remember what else. : /
 Looking past the garden listed in the photo above you can see where the green peppers, sweet peppers, egg plants, chinese egg plants are.
 Here is another flower garden Adrienne planted. : )

I wish I had measurements of the gardens. But no standard tape measure I have is big enough. All I know is it is huge! lol. I am sure I am spacing off something growing out these as well. I am learning a lot about gardening along the way and the kids love spending Fridays at Grandma and Grandpas!

7th Grade Orientation! : (

 I swear she was just born, I swear 'I' was just the one in 7th grade!!!! And yet here she is, my baby taking this big step. She isn't as nervous as I am for her, she is filled with excitement!
 We came early and grabbed a sub from Casey's, not a lot of choice in a small town. We then headed to the park to eat and talk about the upcoming school year.
 Just me and my girl, sigh just like the good old day.
We got to the school early enough for her to decorate her locker with the neat things we made (and the magnet from Ohio sent by Uncle Andy!). We had an evening a couple weeks back where we locked ourselves in my room and crafted. The flowers and duct tape covered pencil box are the results of our fun night. We then headed into the auditorium to listen to all the rules for the upcoming years.

Before I know it I will be planning her graduation. Life need to SLOW DOWN!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My middle schooler....

 Hair cut day for Miss Adrienne. She has such fast growing hair it is just crazy. She hadn't had it cut since the beginning of the school year last year and it was just below her shoulders.
 She wanted to keep it long so just had the ends trimmed but got layers and some sweeping bangs cut. It looks really cute on her!

 I love taking pictures of her she is so beautiful! I can't believe she is going into junior high. I swear I was just in 7th grade!
I am sure she will have a great year! Love ya honey!