Monday, September 23, 2013

Addie's Date (s)

 Someone is a little spoiled and got two dates. The first one was shopping (which I forgot to take pictures of : (  ) and then out to Hickory Park. Addie favorite place, mine too I was so happy to not be eating Texas Roadhouse again! lol
 Another day we went and Adrienne got a hair cut and then we went out to dinner again.
 These are the before shots...
And the after, not much change just trim it up a bit and added more layers. It is always fun to hang out with my girl. Although I must admit I am addicted to shopping for/with her, so much cute stuff to buy! : )

Lane's Date!

 Shocking I know but Lane wanted to go to the video arcade! He had so much fun although I wish there were more games to choose from in his age range. He hit lots of his favorite ones many many time. I think he liked the motorcycle one the best and probably rode it at least 10 times.
 He is pretty good, beat me at driving!

 Oh yes, my other kid we brought along ; ) Joe had fun as well and raced Lane in lots of game, the boys had lots of fun!

 Gotta get our shooting on of course, wouldn't be a true Hausner without it.

 Lane picked Texas Roadhouse as well, He wanted cheese fries. : )
We had to end the date picking corn to freeze, but he had fun doing that as well and got to steer as we drove around the farm the field is attached to. He thought that was pretty awesome! It was lots of fun!

Rylin's Date Night

 We took each child out one on one for a date night before school started. They could get some clothes, pick out school supplies and do some fun stuff with mom and dad all to themselves after our crazy summer. Rylin chose first to go for a walk around Ada Hayden park in Ames. It was beautiful!

 We found some ducks!

 She really enjoyed watching them swim around.
 My littlest princess.
 She was most excited for the bridge!
 Our attempts at a self shot. With the big camera it is not easy! lol

 Ok, fail, look at the concern on Rylins face in the last shot!
 We went to Texas Roadhouse to eat dinner and then headed to do some bowling. Rylin had picked out some toys at the store when we stopped for school supplies so mainly played with those and ditched bowling but we all had fun anyways.

 Oh so close!!!
 The sun was starting to set and she decided she wanted to find a play ground and play. So we went to Addies old school Sawyer and played there. They have some fun equipment.

 And some dangerous, this wheel spins very quickly!

 Shocking I know but Joe was playing as well, he did the slides, spinny wheel and anything climbing! I am not sure who had more fun while there...

That wrapped up our date. It was so fun!! I can't wait to do them again!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adrienne and I had so much fun preparing for Rylin's 5th Birthday party!
 We did a barbie cake, I should have turned on the ac because it was hot in the kitchen when I was trying to ice it so I had to work quickly and stick it in the fridge.
 Her face when she saw the cake, it was a total surprise to her!
 I was so happy she loved it!

 Party goers. Note Sam is wearing a lei and crown, he insisted on being part of the party which was cute. : )
 We decorated crowns and the girls had lots of fun!

 Emma's crown...
 Katy's crown...
 Rylin's crown

 I also got Rylin a princess hat to decorate.

 Just another party girl....: )
 All the beautiful princesses!
 My favorite 5 yr old and her cake. : )

 Enjoying the cake and ice cream.
Then it was present time. Wanted to share this hand made doll house room. I thought it was so sweet and Cylee put a lot of work into it just for Rylin. : )
 Love the huge smiles while she opens gifts!!

 She had such a great day!!
 These are decorations Addie made for her party, so cute!!!