Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wasting time

This post is late because I forgot about these photos. : /
We went to a book store before Rylins MRI to get her mind off the fact that she couldn't eat or nurse. My bad they had a coffee bar and she was just sure they served food! I didn't let us get close enough to find out! Instead we tried to keep busy reading and having fun till we had to head to the hospital.
She loved the little story time set up!
And spent some time reading her bear some stories. : )

And more stories.
And then we had to have a silly photo shoot. She was really getting hungry!
She was a champ and played a long for a little while.

And after her MRI she was still really sleepy from the sedation. Poor thing.
But look how sweet she is. The orange is from the pop cycle she got when she woke up. She did great!

Addies new hat!

Adrienne picked out the pattern and yarn and I whipped up this cute hat. She really likes it and it looks so cute on her!

Chimney cleaning time

Ok boring post for most of you but the kids love to look at the blog and so I wanted to include this as they love watching.
Joe has to take the support off and take the top of the stack off. I take the plug off the bottom of the chimney and stand back and watch with the kids.
When he is all done it all gets put back together.
Hi Daddy!
Rings and supports are secured again and we are good for another season.

Fashion Diva

So we went shopping at the mall the other weekend and none of the name brand jeans fit Adrienne quite right. So we decided to buy the plane jane ones and doll them up ourselves. She had fun doing a "bored" photo shoot to show the before and just how boring it is!

And the after! Look at that smile! Yup, less boring for sure! We did iron on decals that she picked out and then I hand stitched around them so they will last. They have sequence on them that is hard to see in the photo and she loves them!

A hiking we will go

Later in the day after our girls day out I dropped Adrienne off for her friends party and we went hiking. I was super bummed that Adrienne chose the Birthday party over hiking but I guess that is something I better get used to as she gets older : (
We went to a spot outside of Story City. It is little really but with it being the first day of muzzle loader season we didn't want any problems from poachers for we stuck to where we knew we would be safe. The kids had a blast!
And I got some adorable shots! I wish Adrienne was with us!
Dad made us each a walking stick and the kids had fun with that as well.

A quick shot of us since I am always behind the camera!

And then Rylin decided she had had enough walking, luckily I was ready!
Into the Mei Tai carrier I made and she was happy as a clam!
Now I made this reversible so that when Joe was wearing her he didn't have to be sporting flowers but I forgot to put it on the Daddy side : ) Sorry honey!

A cool shot of a tree that got pulled over and was a big arch.

Another picture of Mommy and Lane.

Taking a breather
I love this picture!
Down in the ravine. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect for it!
After we left Rylin really wanted to stop by a park so we drove into town and they played for awhile at the Story City park. I think that is the tallest twirly slide I have ever seen!
After Rylin had climbed up and decided she was too chicken and then fell the last 4 steps she begged Daddy to take her down the slide. And beings she has him wrapped around her little finger of course he said yes.
I watched the thing rock as they came down and was laughing so hard by the time they were at the bottom the best shot of them was blurry. : (
To say they were beat would be a understatement but boy did we sure have fun!!

Girls day out

The girls had a day out. Shopping and lunch. It was fun to get to hang out with out the boys of the family.
We did lunch at Jimmy Johns, everyone's favorite place to eat!
And when we got to the mall we were surprised that the Ames Fire Department was there. We got look at the different rigs and climb in a couple to look around. The girls really enjoyed it!

My sweet creative girl

Adrienne takes after my family and loves creating things. I love that she has passion for creativity. Her friend had a party coming up and she made the card for her. She was so proud of how it turned out!
The inside
The front
Kya loved her card and Adrienne had a blast at her party!