Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumkin Carving time!

The kids (and Joe) had a blast carving pumpkins. I have more pictures to post but we didn't get done with them till it was dinner and bedtime.
Joe normally does the fancy carving but one of the knives is missing so we did easy ones this year. Lane drew his face on and I carved that one. Adrienne drew her face and name and carved her own this year! With much begging because I was nervous to let her but we have the safe carving kit and she did fine and a really great job!

We did names on the bottom of all the pumpkins, so cute!
The messy part, Adriennes pumpkin was rotten on the inside and man did it ever stink, it was gross!
Rylin even got in on the action.
Lane is the only kid I know who can carve a pumpkin and not get dirty!
Aww, I will post part 2 when I get the pics of all 5 pumpkins finished and lit out side!

Little photo shoot

We went around and took some pictures of the kids, Rylin wouldn't even let me get a photo of her face so maybe we can get some of her another time.
Lane "helping"
One of my favorite of Lane
Addie had so many that turned out great! She loves getting her picture taken!
A little blurry but so cute I had to add it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enjoying fall!

Look! Lane is smiling for pics again after his stage of looking scared/sad when a camera was pointed at him!
What a wonderful big sister!
The kids love love love to play outside. Radcliffe got nice toddler equipment but no they have to play on the dangerous stuff to keep moms heart a beating!
My little monkey!
Rylin is my little explorer not afraid to keep up with the big kids, and man can she ever! Being short does not stop her!

Yes I realize they are playing in the city litter box but we come straight home and wash up. They love it and a little germs are ok, right?

The hat I tried to get to work on while at the park. Needless to say I got 1 row done. lol
My other monkey.
It saddens me to think winter will be here. Summer went way to fast but we are thankful for the beautiful days of fall!!!

Fire prevention week

So we went to the library, just Rylin and I for a little fun for fire prevention week. Well needless to say she was terrified. See the fire truck in the middle picture? Yup that is the only photo I got of Miss Rylin with the fire truck.
I played with the different photo setting and had a little fun.
And her running off in the opposite direction of the library.

So Radcliffe did something fun this year. At 6pm they drove around lights and sirens while we practiced our escape plan. The kids (minus Rylin) loved it and it was a good reminder to practice. Adrienne showed the kids stop drop and roll and we went over all the important safety information. Hope we never have to use it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lanes party with my family

We had a nice little party with dinner, cake, hanging out, and of course presents at my parents. I forgot to make the frosting purple like he wanted but he enjoyed it anyways. I did the rainbow cake again.
Lane loved everything he got for his Birthday, he got some great gifts!
Rylin in the background helping herself to a gift before mommy stopped her.
At dinner Uncle Andy and Miss Rylin shared a sweet gaze.
And my favorite part about making the rainbow cake next to eating it is the pretty dishes it makes. lol It was a really nice day, ALL of my siblings were able to make it which almost never happens these days but hope it can happen more often in the future!

Go Hawks!!!

Addie did the South Hamilton cheer clinic and got to cheer during halftime of the football game. She had a blast. Note: Addies stylin shoes makes her easier to spot in the front row.
Shake your booty, Addies favorite dance of them all. : P

She had a blast and it was fun to watch her and all the other little ones dance. We had made a special hair tie for her to wear but the cheer clinic was rescheduled and we ended up forgetting to bring it. : (
And had to add my little bro, number 60. I was hoping to get to see him play but no such luck that game.