Monday, July 26, 2010


Note the tiny but of mud that Rylin flung onto Lane's arm. That is the extent of how dirty he got!
And Rylin, no wonder I thought she was a boy when pregnant with her!

Having a grand old time, why pay for a pro to smear you with mud when you can do it in your front yard for free?
This all started from letting the kids play outside while we cleaned up the yard. I look over and at first they were both just getting their hands muddy. Not a big deal right? Then I look back several minutes later and Rylin is working on coating her second leg, it all went down hill from there. Joe suggested I grab the camera so we got these cute pics and then they were carried in for baths!

A fun Birthday Party

Saturday we traveled to Tiffin for my niece Hannah's 5th Birthday. We went to the gym and the kids (and some young at heart adults) had a blast playing! The air conditioner was broke so everyone was hot but the kids didn't even seem to notice. We then did multi colored cupcakes Emily had made and ice cream and opened gifts. After the party we went back to Matt and Emily's for a BBQ. It was tons of fun! The kids did great on the road trip there and back so that was a welcome relief to how Rylin normally travels long distances in the car. It was great seeing everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun in the sun

Rylin had her baby with her almost the entire time we were at the pool. Lane acted like a animal the entire time lol.
Rylin being the little mommy she is was making sure her baby was protected from the sun.
My biggest fishy Adrienne. For never having swim lessons she can pass the deep end test no problem and is quite the good swimmer.
There is that baby again.
The cutest girls at the pool don't ya know. Adrienne and her friend Kya.

We had a blast swimming today and it was nice that it was hot but not horribly sunny. Rylin survived with no nap (barely) and we came home and blew bubbles outside, took baths to wash the dirt, sunscreen, and chlorine off of us and had a quick dinner then onto bed. All in all it was a great day!

Hair cuts

Lane looks a little unsure sitting up so high.
But he soon thought it was pretty neat.
When she spun his chair around for him to see his hair he got a huge grin on his face. It was so cute but of course I didn't have my camera ready. : (
Adrienne before

And after! It is adorable and full of layers. She doesn't swoop her bangs quite as extreme as the stylist did but is is really adorable and she loves it which is the most important thing. That is her friend Kya with her.
The kids did ok waiting but of course they each had to use the potty while we were there. What is it with kids and the bathrooms at new places? lol
Miss Rylin sitting like a big girl. She warmed up to the stylist right away and was over "talking" to her and smiling and really concentrating on what she was doing. It was really cute. Then we all headed to the pool!

Some of the kids at Aunt Connies farm

Joe's Aunt Connie has a beautiful farm that is where lots of the family functions are held. This day we were there for the family reunion and I swear it was the hottest stickiest day ever. The kids had fun though and we got to see lots of family so I guess that is all that counted but we couldn't wait to get home and relax in the A/C!

Just Rylin

I love what a ham Rylin is when awake and how cute her and Sammy are when sleeping. There is nothing better than a sleeping toddler. : )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun at the park

Rylin with her tiny stash of candy from the toss and search game. They threw candy into the grass for the kids to fine. They all really enjoyed such a simple game believe it or not.

Having a broken bone didn't slow him down at all.
Joe after running full speed without dropping the sandwich he was eating to get to Lane before he ran right into the stream. Look at Lanes pout. : (
Adrienne most often likes to be alone. (Just like her mama). Or maybe she is just trying to protect her stash of candy from the game lol.
Seriously you can never get a picture where all 3 kids are looking at you smiling. lol

Each kid got to pick out a toy, Lane picked bubbles, Adrienne picked out those punching balloons, and Rylin picked a big rubber ball.

We went to the Story City park for Joe's work picnic. It was 5 days after Lane broke his collar bone and 2 days after my surgery but we all had fun despite that. The weather was beautiful and we had a yummy meal. Fun times.

Play dough fun

On scalding summer days when inside play is a must we turn to play dough. You can make a batch in about 10 minutes and the kids love it. One day Lane clocked 6 hours straight playing with the stuff. The only down side it tiny bits of play dough through out the entire house but it is worth it for hours of them playing (mostly) great together.

Lane and Rylin like to shove a big wad in there underwear and run around jumping and landing on their butts. I have also walked in once to Lane trying to shove some up Rylin's little butt cheeks. Upon asking him what he was doing he said he was making Rylin poo. So that chunk went straight in the trash with a talk about proper play dough play. lol.