Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Addie heads to camp

Every year Adrienne goes to camp with her Junior Auxiliary group. This year they went to Dayton Oaks again.
My girl loves to pose!

Adrienne and Rylin. Lane was at Vacation Bible School while we took her to camp. Rylin is wearing a dress Aunt Julie sewed Adrienne when she was about 2.
The long walk through the woods to her cabin.
Her cabin.
Her bunk!
Her and her sis.
Rylin walking back to the van.
Adrienne had lots of fun although it was super hot that week. She got to ride to Des Moines on a charter bus and go to the science center and the I-max theater, did lots of crafts and did a stellar job in the talent show! She wore the outfit Aunt Emily made for the talent show as well!

Play group picnic

Now my berry is ripe (and long eaten since this is from a couple weeks ago.)
Everyone from play group and Bible study got together for a picnic and time at the park. It was lots of fun!!
All the cute little kids playing!

We had a good turn out beings it was spitting rain at the beginning of the gathering. We plan on doing this about once a month through out the summer.

Puppy love

So when we go outside Sam going between the kids following them around to babysit his kids. He gets tired after awhile and comes and lays by me. But it is cute all the same.
It is a busy job being a dog!
Old photo but its my first berry! : )

Monday, June 13, 2011


We took the kids to the races for the first time this year. They went last year but enjoyed it more this time around (although it was a double feature so Rylin was done before it was over.)
Rylin and Aunt Julie hanging out.
Lane LOVES his Aunt Julie and has to be on her lap pretty much the entire time she is around. Look, race shirt and all!
Rylin was the personal cheer leader, dancing and clapping lol.
More cheering!
Can't have racing without snacks and drinks!
Lane sitting with Grandma Deb, her and Papa Gary came up for the races as well.
Rylin really enjoyed being a ham!
I took lots of the different people we knew that were racing, one of which won! But didn't think you all would enjoy them so am just putting up one. Trying to get photos of speeding cars is a challenge lol.

All in all it was a lot and fun and we would like to go again this summer!