Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adrienne is 11!!!

I swear it was just yesterday that my little Adrienne was this little. I could dress her how I wanted, do her hair how I wanted. But before you know it they are making all those choices on their own. Even if you think the outfit is totally ugly if they LOVE it you let them wear it because it is no longer up to you.

I have to say the hardest thing about Adrienne growing up is the fact that I have to LET her grow up. Even if I don't think she is old enough to wear a little eye shadow to the school concert or high heel shoes. I have to step back and realize she is not my little 3 year old anymore. She is becoming a little woman, and what a woman she is!! She makes me so proud!!
Enough teary mommy talk onto the fun stuff, her party!! This is the reversible table runner I made her with the fabric she chose.
And the cake we decorated together with Aunt Julie...
The set up for the party done by Adrienne herself.
She was joined by some of the greatest girls for a totally fun day!
I actually love that her friend Heidi is giving her bunny ears in this photo even though when I snapped it I didn't notice. Just goes to show the fun energy of the day.
The candles Adrienne picked out, wild huh.
Happy Birthday song time.
Oops she must have a couple boyfriends. Isn't that how the saying goes?
We had to double time it. Cake and gifts, we needed time to do our bracelets.
Sweet Kya one of Adrienne's best friends.
Showing off their hand made jewelry. They had a lot of fun making these big kid anklets or bracelets. I didn't get any action shots of the process as I was helping the whole time but it was really fun!
A little better shot. They had a total blast and I am so happy that she had a GREAT Birthday!!!

One of her favorite gifts from us. I also made the skirt that she wore to her party.

Happy Birthday Adrienne, mommy and daddy love you!!!


So Easter kinda turned into a bomb because I could not find their baskets. : ( So we had Easter bowls. Luckily the kids didn't care but thanks to Adrienne they got woken up so the little ones look a little out of it. But they enjoyed their knitted gifts. I knit the girls purses and Lane a snake with a little mouse that it eats. I didn't get a picture of the snake but will.

Lane's first vocal concert

There is nothing cuter than seeing all these little people on risers. Lane was so excited for his concert and all the kids did great!!

We walked since it was nice out and we knew parking would be horrid. Well when we left it was raining so we got a little wet. Rylin had the right idea and hitched a ride with daddy. Notice her shoes, a recent favorite!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friends and a day at the park

You will be seeing a lot of pictures of the kids with our friends Jane and Kyla. They come over every Thursday. Here is Lane and Kyla walking to the park. The kids are soo cute together!
Lane would rather just sit and play with his trucks and a pile of dirt most of the time.
The sound of all the horses going at the same time is deafening but they sure love it!
Another fun spot to play...
Rylin does not look happy to be going down the slide with Jane but she was smiling by the bottom on it lol.
Everyones favorite slide.
Everyone playing together in the "sand." It is actually gravel. I think so the town cats are less likely to "use" it.

Lane swinging. If I took my camera every time we went all my posts would look the same since we go 2 to 3 times a day lol. I'm sure that will change when it is 100% humidity and 100 degrees out side!

One Busy Mama

Rylin and her babies, reminds me of me when I was little.
She usually is spending all of her time undressing them but has just gotten interested in actually putting their clothes on. It's all great until she gets super mad because this huge baby can not fit into the little outfit lol.
She made them all beds on the kitchen floor...
she had to fold the "blankets" just right.
Even picking a piece of lint off the towel lol. She used every towel I had in my drawer.
Taking such care to cover each baby...
so sweet.
Sam seems a little nervous that he has a lot more babies to "watch."
After each baby she gets put down to bed she stops and puts her hands on her hips. Being a mommy is a lot of work!
The final view of all of her babies.
Looks like they are in line for their turn in the swing. lol. I love watching her so gently taking care of her babies.


So we have totally been living at the park. The kids love it and it is nice to have them so tired at the end of the day.
The twirly slide is hard to get a pic on, I get a lot of feet from snapping too early lol.
Adrienne serenaded us while we played.

Rylin is getting even braver. She is finally willing to go down some of the slides with out holding my hand.
Lane flying down the slide!!
Ah all the high climbing makes me so nervous. It is a little less nail biting this year than last year but this girl has no fear!
I love how Lane is looking at his sister in this picture.

Just one of the others..

So poor Lane being the only "little" boy (although I think Joe should count as that as well most days..) feels left out when we are doing "girl" things. So I let him join in, I don't think it hurts a thing. I remember dressing my brothers up as well and I think they turned out pretty normal. : P
One night before bed Lane decided that he was going to do Rylins hair. It was so cute to sit and listen to them chatting with each other. In this picture you can tell Rylin was saying ouch because Lane had just pulled her hair.
Rylins idea of a smile (over processed because they are phone pics sorry.)
I love to watch them together. They are so close and love each other so much. I hope that he is always there to lend a hand when one of his sisters needs a hand, even if it is helping to do her hair.