Thursday, May 27, 2010

A day on the farm

So cute to see them all watching the chickens together.
Nevaeh, showing her charm.
Addie spent most of her time playing in the sand.
This was just too cute! They were caught walking around holding hands and I love that Carter is looking at Lane in this picture, he loves him.
When we first noticed they were holding hands.
Who can not love baby chicks.
Too cute, all the kiddos but Rylin checking out the chicks. We grilled hot dogs and spent the evening playing outside. The kids had a blast and we got some much needed adult time.

Rylin and her sister

Rylin loves copying her big sister! It was so cute to see her copying this pose, they were across the room from each other, but I had Addie come closer to capture them together. What love, she may be little, but don't try telling her she can't run with the big kids she tries her best to keep up.

While I am blogging

Sometimes while I am blogging my kids are reeking havoc, but other times they are being so sweet and well behaved. The last time I blogged I took these shots of the kids, Addie was at school, but Lane sat nicely and played with cards,

Sam was being his usual lazy self on his new found perch.

Rylin was doodling next to me while I worked.
It is much more enjoyable when they are not pulling every toy and book off the shelves or fighting with each other lol. They are usually well behaved but lets face it they are siblings so have naughty momenys. : )

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Rylin is always the happiest little girl!
Takin a break from all the excitement to have a snack of mama's milk.
Enjoying jumping on the trampoline.
Look at those eye lashes!
Really being a daring little thing. As long as she is the only one on the trampoline she will have fun and jump, but once others get on she wants off. lol


Lane is a hard one to get a good picture of as I have said before. My friend helped me snap this shot and it is pretty cute!
Jumping on the trampoline, he loves anything to get him outside!

Lane was pretty excited about getting to hang by the giant wheel loader! He even got to stand in the scoop!

My little singer - Addie Lynn

Adrienne loves to sing, always has. She got the solo at her school concert I mentioned in a previous post (I will get that up here soon) but she has this song she made up. It is pretty, if you can't understand every word that may be because she made up some words for her song lol : )

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls night out

Adrienne got a solo in the Spring concert at school. She is in the fourth grade as hard as that is for me to believe. I was so excited to find out she got a solo as she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. She did an amazing job, hitting every note perfectly and sang nice and loud. I was so proud of her! She wanted to go the the little icecream shop in Jewell after her concert so in 52 degree weather we sat outside and enjoyed our icecream, coats and all. That is Aunt Julie helping Miss Rylin with her icecream cone. Adrienne had a root beer float. It was lots of cold fun!

Lazy days

So we have been having some really rainy weather and are all sick of being stuck inside. Yesterday we got out and enjoyed the awesome sunshine!
Nothing better than a babe in just her cloth diaper, just look at that messy hair!
Rylin loves blowing on dandelions!Lane hates having his picture taken, but I caught this cute one of him. He had been trying to climb this tree.
One more of Rylin busy at play...

Lanes funnies

So, anyone who knows Lane knows he can say the funniest things and be totally serious about them. The other day Joe and Lane were going to be hanging out just the two of them and Joe was trying to figure out what they should do. Here is the conversation:
Joe: "Lane wanna go pick up chicks"
Lane: "Yeah!"
Me: "Lane have you and daddy ever picked up chicks before?"
Lane: "Yeah, in dads pickup truck!"
Me: "Did dad get any chicks?"
Lane: "No, (in a sad voice then perks up and says) but I did!!!"

Lane has no idea what a chick is of course, but it was really a funny conversation to have with him. He thinks he has this world all figured out at the ripe old age of 3 1/2yrs.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Addies fun morning of cooking with Uncle Andy

Adrienne loves cooking and is always so happy when I let her crack the eggs and she does a really good job.
This is what she was most excited about, using a knife! lol
I love that she has her MP3 on while cooking lol. Sorry they made your kitchen such a mess mom, looks like they made a yummy meal and had loads of fun! Addie couldn't stop talking about it! lol. Thanks for the pictures Andrew!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I think there is nothing cuter than watching her blow bubbles! Lane had fun as well but got sick of it fast than Rylin did. Bad thing is she had to hold her own bubbles and ended up bending over and not righting the bottle resulting in her spilling her bubbles : ( lol

Monday, May 3, 2010


So today was gorgeous day out and we used it to the fullest. Got the lawn mowed, weed whacked, some wood stacked, oh yeah and played out side almost the whole day. Here are a couple pictures of our fun!
Yes, I realize I am crazy to let them play in really wet sand but they had so much fun! As you can see Lane put it on Rylin and she got him back. : )
I didn't get a pic, but we went for a bike "ride" and Rylin's legs were so tired from riding around the block. She wouldn't let me carry her she had to do it herself! She is in a really independent stage right now. : )
My pretty little Adrienne

Lane being sweet...
Lane and daddy after a busy day. We registered Lane up for Preschool today and when he was getting in the van to go he giggled and told is dad he was going to school. Once we were there he giggled again as he ran into the school. He was bummed that he didn't get to stay all day lol. I'd say he is definitely ready for school! : )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Addie Lynn

Adrienne is my little tween these days, She loves to read, write stories, play outside and play school with the younger kids.
She is so sweet when she wants to be, helping with the kids and is so mature at times. : )
So sweet, her and Lane sleeping in the family bed.
This was taken at Hickory Park while we were waiting to eat. It was taken on my phone, so not the best quality, but it shows her love of posing so had to share it.
She is growing up too fast!