Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

A stuffed bear ornament that Rylin had to take off the tree and give a little cuddles to. I am quite surprised that she is doing a good job of not touching the tree.
Reminiscing about ornaments. It was fun to hear all of Addies memories surrounding different ones.
Adrienne's decorating job, looks pretty nice I think.
Rylin having fun checking everything out.
Everyone had a blast decorating the tree. I am really loving how my parents tree fits my space. We did a tree swap this year and are both happy with our "new" trees.

Look at the concentration to get that in just the perfect spot.
I love this picture of Lane with his face aglow from the tree. Precious.
Miss Addie looking like the young lady she is did a great job decorating the spots the little kids couldn't reach. I should also mention that she put the whole tree up all by herself.

Christmas Parade

One of our favorite things that Radcliffe does is a lighted winter parade. It was a cold night this night but we still enjoyed it!
I had to chuckle with my kids standing like stair steps watching the parade.
This was one of my favorites!

Do they look a little cold to you?
Our new lamp decorations, I really like them! If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit I don't know what will.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just to share

My sweet little puppy was napping on a puppy so I had to share.
Yes Rylin is still all about doing her own hair. She gets it nice and matted and then the jaws clip will hang from a mat, swing around as she moves about.
Getting all ready to cook in her kitchen.
I was sitting on the couch knitting and here comes Rylin with a bag of books, she and her baby sat next to me while she she read to her baby. So sweet!
Such a good mommy!
This shelf is in the bathroom right by the toilet and I find it so funny that starting with Lane the little kids take whatever they were playing with when 'nature calls' and sets it on the shelf while they are getting the job done. This was what Rylin brought in with her the other day lol.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving fun!

What a little man digging in fork and knife lol! We went to Grandma Deb, Papa Gary's and Aunt Julies for dinner. We ate in the neighbors garage because it is big and works great for bigger gathering.
Rylin didn't seem to feel well that day, she has been fighting a cold and so stuck close to mom (in other words refused to leave my arms). We got lots of cuddles in and I think she is starting to feel better already.

The kids loved their dog Lily. She is a little sweet heart. This is their silly face picture.
Rylin refused to join in but they all were hanging out having fun.
Then we headed to Grandma Cheri and Grandpa Steves to hang out. Uncle Andy did a little experiment with milk, food coloring and dish soap. Lane thought it was really cool! Put the milk of the plate and add food coloring...
Then drop a drop of dish soap in the middle and watch the fun!So pretty! Even Maggie liked it lol. It was a great day, could have only been made better by getting to see all of my siblings, we really missed them but Christmas is right around the corner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Rylin my stylist

Don't mind me in my bathrobe in the background but Rylin has been obsessed with doing her hair (or anyone who will hold still long enough : P) She will tell you she is pretty when she is done and it is way too cute!
One of her victims was daddy. He was asleep until she pulled a chunk of hair out and then played along after laughing I told him what she was doing.
So serious as she makes daddy "pretty." I love her so much and all she is learning every day.

Adrienne and her vocal concert

My little girl is growing up and I am not sure where the time has gone. She is becoming such a little lady. We had her vocal concert and she was so excited because in 5th grade they finally get to sing in the auditorium which is a big deal to the kids.
All of the 5th graders. They did a great job. If was fun because it was a teacher and students Birthday the day of the concert and so everyone parents included sang Happy Birthday. It was kinda fun.
My girl loves to sing and does a great job!

All about me! : )

Lane had to make an all about me poster for school. So I had him water color paint the poster board and after I put the pictures on he put stickers he picked out and put them all over. He was really happy with it when it was done.
Rylin pointing out her favorite person lol.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treating!

As you can tell we carved the pumpkins several days before I got a picture of all of them at once but you get the idea.

The Radcliffe Fire Station does a free meal every year during trick or treating and we always attend. It is fun to get to see all the people in their costumes!
Lane and Aunt Julie. She was nice enough to come with and help with the kids. Doesn't Lane make the cutest cowboy?!
Everyone in their costumes! Boy it is hard to get a photo of every one looking cute and looking at the camera!
Rylin was going to be a cow girl but Addie found a old costume of hers and so Rylin was a self titled mommy lol. They had tons of fun and I was shocked to see that Rylin was not shy about going up to the houses for candy!
A shot I had to add, Rylin spends hours every day playing doll house and I love how she sets things up. It is so cute! Happy Halloween everyone!


We had Grandma Debs Birthday party and they had karaoke and the kids loved every minute of it! Adrienne was of course the star of the show!
Aunt Julie having some fun with the little ones. Rylin and Lane kept saying I love you mom and I love you to everyone.
Lane singing with Grandma Deb.
Lane eating like a man : ) Apples dipped in a homemade caramel dip they were yummy!
Getting the microphones turned on and the sound just right was lets just say a little ear piercing.
Adrienne and Rylin enjoying their apple slices. It was a fun night and I finally dragged the kids away from singing with much protest at 9pm! I think we need to get a karaoke machine for our house!