Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday my sweet little Rylin

I remember those first days like they were yesterday, you were just so precious. Here is Grandpa Steve holding you for the first time.This is how we spent our days, you cuddled in the sling so mommy could run after your brother. You never complained about being snuggled with mommy and neither did I. I love having you close.My sweet little chubYou loved bath time. I love that you were looking right into my eyes in this picture.Being the 3rd baby you got carted every where. Here you are with your brother and sister on the train in Boone.You took your first vacation when you were 3 months old to Alma Wisconsin. It was a camping trip with the extended family and it was so much fun!Getting pumpkins and posing for a pic with your big sister Adrienne.Your first horsey ride. Didn't look to impressed.I loved that you sucked your thumb. It was the cutest thing ever. You stopped on your own at about 14 months.Chilling in the kitchen sink, you always loved the water.Enjoying a beautiful fall day.And a mild winters day. I know it doesn't look mild beings I have a snow suit and a coat on you lol but I didn't want you to be cold.This girl loves to eat and sweets are the best!Spending time at the part with the siblings. This is one of your favorite places to be. You love the "wee highs" (swings) the most!Having fun out in the back yard, playing in the pool.Another one of your favorite things lol. Mommy's milk can't be beat!Your party the day of your Birthday, you loved your gifts and stayed up way to late playing with them!The ice cream cake mommy made just for you. It doesn't look like much (and you look less than impressed) but it sure was yummy! We had a nice dinner and Grandma Deb, Papa Gary, and Aunt Julie were able to make it to share your special day. We are having another party when all my siblings come home as well. You are one lucky and loved little girl. Happy 2nd Birthday Sis!

We love you!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A fun ride!

Every Tuesday we do story time. Today they had a special treat for the kids, a ride in a restored fire truck! It took us around Radcliffe and ended at the park where they did the story reading and snacks. Then the kids played for a while before heading home for lunch.
The fire truck, really neat!
Good turn out! The kids had a blast!

Rylin was really scared the whole time, notice the death grip on my shirt.

We packed a lot of kids on that truck! It was only about half full when I took this picture.
Thanks to Chuck Raska for the ride! It was a really fun day and Lane and Adrienne really enjoyed the ride! Rylin enjoyed the park lol.

Monday, June 28, 2010


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nail painting

Lane insisted he get in on the fun.
Uncle Justin was sleeping so I took the liberty of painting his nails, we all had a good laugh when Justin finally woke up and Lane told him "mom painted your nails." Justin didn't find it as funny. lol
I got a fun green shade that Joe told me I was to "old" to wear. But he wanted his done as well so yes those are my husbands hairy toes painted the same shade as mine.
Little Miss Rylin with her pretty nails.

Cute little painted toes in the sand.

Just some cute shots I wanted to share

A cute shot I got of Lane and Sam. According to the dog they are HIS kids.
Fish weren't biting and Lane was patiently waiting for his bobber to go under.
Lane fishing
Playing with her doll house stuff and I thought it was so cute that she was sitting Indian style.
She loves her daddy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A day of family fishing!

Today we went fishing for Fathers Day since I work tomorrow. We went to Little Wall Lake for the afternoon and had tons of fun! The kids did great and we can't wait to go again.

O.K. I realize you can barely see my fish, but it is the only one I caught. Joe caught one smaller than that I swear but he thinks his was bigger lol. We got lots of little fish so no eating fish for dinner like we were hoping, but after a day as great as today who cares.
Lane, Rylin, and Adrienne waiting on the bench for dad to bait their hooks.

Poor little Rylin was the only one who didn't fish, but she had lots of fun with the toys we brought and running around outside.
Joe baiting one the the many hooks today. I did put my own worm on but I will not touch the fish so that was up to him for me and the kids.
Adrienne caught the biggest fish of the day. A Bullhead!
Adrienne and her fish!
My serious fisher, little Lane.
Love the hat and no one could pull it up out of his line of sight, he would just put it back down but man it was cute!

Lane relaxing after a hard day of fishing.
Rylin copying brother lol.
Adrienne enjoying herself.
When the kids weren't fishing or running around we had a blanket with snacks, drinks, and toys and they would hang out there. After we went home we grilled steaks, pork chops and hot dogs and did mashed potatos and sweet corn on the cob. Followed by ice cream cones and a movie for the kids. I was a wonderful time and hopefully we will have many more fishing trips this summer!