Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday sweet Lane!

 This picture of him sleeping was taken last week but it was so cute (and what he was doing when I got home from work) I had to include it.
 So we had a busy weekend and next weekend is his friends party but since today was his actual Birthday after I got home from work we had a little celebration with just our family. He had been sleeping like I said so has bed head and clearly looks like he has just woken. I was in trying to nicely wake him up and he was not having any of it and Joe says wanna open presents and he was up like a bolt of lightening! : )
 I love how excited Rylin is for him as he opens presents. Such love between them. I had him open his two smaller gifts tonight and saved his 2 awesome gifts that he has been wanting for his friends party. He was still plenty thrilled with what he opened tonight though!

 A lego semi and classic cars. Two of his all time favorite things!
 All the kids love legos....
 yes even my biggest kid. : )
 Then it was supper time. Lane picked box mac and cheese which worked out great since I worked and am suffering from an ear infection (man they hurt : (  ). I added hotdogs to the meal but he only wanted mac and cheese!

 We enjoyed our simple meal. Lane only ate one plate full, he was saving room for ice cream cake! Another request from the birthday boy!

 He wanted a cake with a race track on it so I got the stuff to make that for his friends party but imagine my surprise when I get to DQ and they have this cake! It was perfect!! I normally make the ice cream cakes around here but have been super busy and didn't have time. I have to say (and we all agree) that mine is way better than Dairy Queen.
 Adrienne wanted to light the candle and I think Lane and Rylin's faces are priceless with worry in this picture! Makes me laugh!

 We sang him Happy Birthday again, we sang it before supper too. Then he made a wish and blew out his candle that he picked out. It was a wonderful little celebration. I can not believe it was 6 years ago that this handsome little boy was brought into my life, feels like yesterday! He is such a caring tender young man he warms my heart on a daily basis.
Love you Lane, Love Mommy and Daddy!