Monday, August 23, 2010

Lane's first day of school!

He is going to Hubbard Radcliffe School since he only goes half days. Once he is in school all day he will go to South Hamilton like big Sis.
He was so excited he ran all the way just stopping for intersections. It was way too cute. As we were approaching the school he said look at my school isn't it nice.
Lane can't just smile for pictures but was so excited he actually totally dressed himself (a skill he had "forgotten" so I was pretty happy about that). He looked a little worried when I dropped him off in a full class room but I am sure he will not want to leave when I go pick him up in a hour.

I seems like he was just born and being a stay at home mom was my new life. I can't believe he is in school. Time goes way to fast!

Rylins Birthday with my family

Claire checking out the phone (don't know whos it is as they both got one) and Rylin wearing one of her new outfits.
Rylin really like opening gifts. She got 2 outfits and a couple toys. She enjoyed her little party.
Pictures are limited because I was out of memory on my camera. : ( We had cupcakes and ice cream and a yummy dinner. It was a enjoyable evening.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My new 5th grader!!!

Adrienne had her first day of 5th grade! She was so excited that she was up most of the night. She got up at 3am to be exact! lol This year she has every class in a different room, lockers in the hallway with a padlock, she was thinking she was pretty cool!

With Adrienne's o.k. I wanted to post a paper that she had to fill out the last question had me laughing out loud because it is so Adrienne.

I have a great name. It is: Adrienne
Today I feel: excited
Something special about me is: I love to sing
What bugs me most about school is: Math. I need help
I'd rather: play than work
I like teachers that: are nice
My favorite place to be is: In my room
Something that bothers me is: when my window screen falls out
At our house we: clean, sew, and cook
When I am alone I like to: dance or play
The most important person in the world is: my mom
I wish I could: always have my room clean
Sometimes I like to: ride my bike
I think school should be a place where: we have more fun!
I feel nervous when: I sing in front of my family
Better than anything I like to: cook
I really get angry when: things don't turn out right
I feel proud when: I can earn something
I wish people wouldn't: be nasty
This year I hope: I listen better
One thing I'd like to know about my teacher is: what made her want to be a teacher
One thing I'd like the teacher to know about me is: I don't listen very well

There ya have it at least she admits she don't listen very well. I thought that was way too funny!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our mini Vacation

A beautiful photo
The trolley we road and Joe carrying a sleeping Rylin
Lane playing at the museum. They had a water set up for the kids and they really enjoyed it.
Rylin playing
And Miss Addie playing
All the little kids in the museum.
Mommy and Adrienne
Lane and Uncle Ben, he got a lot of shoulder rides from all the guys.
Rylin and Claire, hard to believe she is over a year younger!
The water park!

You can see the lazy river and where the tub slide comes out, the rest of it is outside the building.
This was a area where you climb to the top and then go down your choice of 2 slides it was a ton of fun!
Rylin and Lane eating ice
A family shot, after dinner we took a sunset stroll along the Mississippi River and got some cute shots of the kids enjoying it.
Rylin, Lane and Daddy snuggling in the bed

It was a fun filled trip, the water park, museum, and trolley ride along with meals and site seeing together with everyone. The kids did great on the car ride (even with out air) and I look foward to the next family trip! If you want to see more photos from our trip they will be on my facebook page.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Park play

Addie is happy to be in the "jail"
Lane looks worried...
Lane with his clump of mud that he had to have a picture with
Rylin being the little sweetie that she is
Yup, all those wood chips went right in her stroller, nice...

The brood, man they love the outdoors and can play so wonderfully together when they want.
Our new toddler play set here in town is the best thing ever compared to the old set that was dangerous for anyone playing on it. The day we went to the park the mosquitoes were terrible and we only ended up staying for 45 minutes. But they had fun and mama got to sit for awhile which is nice. I am not ready for winter to come.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A fun time at the Dentist

We all went to the dentist today and let me tell you that was the dumbest idea I have ever had. To think that I didn't need another adult to help with Rylin was not my best decision ever let me tell you. But Lane and her did have fun with their front row seat on the action.
The other thing Rylin spent a good amount of time doing was nursing, even when they were cleaning my teeth. Poor lady had probably seen about all the boob she could handle by the time we left.
I missed getting to take pictures of Adriennes cleaning but did catch one picture before the dentist got in there for her final look over.
Rylin trying on Lanes cool new toys.
Lane did great! I was happily shocked that he was totally into getting his teeth cleaned and looked over.

He loved the fun chair that reclined, can you tell?
Lane in seventh heaven with his fun Dr. gear
I knew the Consamus was a great dental clinic but after today I am even more impressed. The hygienist was so patient with all of us. Taking the time to dress Lane up and with the kids clamoring around while she worked on me. The dentist had rooms of patients to see but skipped them to come check us out so we could be on our way. I was very relieved that we didn't have to wait our turn. The kids didn't do to bad considering but I will never do that again alone. The best part was no cavities!

Special thanks to my junior photographer Adrienne for getting the great pictures of the kids and I.

A little of this and that

Lane is sporting the new and improved arm rest covers from Adrienne's booster seat. Nice I know lol.
I found him sleeping on my bedroom floor like this wearing one of Adrienne's shirts. I think he has a thing for big sisters stuff.
A little play at the park while Addie was in VBS
And don't forget Rylin playing while waiting for Addie as well. I am so sad to think summer is coming to an end and cold weather is going to be returning. I am pretty sure summer just started. : (