Monday, January 2, 2012

Model for a day...

So we all know how much my girls love to pose. Addie had gotten some new clothes, make up and the like and so I decided to do a photo shoot while we were on break. While I hung the sheet she drug out 2 fans (because one just wouldn't be enough ya know) and we got her hair and make up done.
She was just posing away while I snapped shots. Having a total blast!
And of course Sam can not be left out...he is the cutest kid in the house just ask him.

She could do this all day I am 100% sure!
She is growing up too fast and turning into a beautiful little woman!

And next is Rylin. I was hoping to get some alone shots of all the kids and then some group shots but Lane was totally not into it and refused to dress saying he didn't want his picture taken. So I said ok, bummed but what do ya do right...
Rylin was totally rocking the poses just like her big sissy and all the sudden...
But who is joining her jammies and all....LANE! lol
I swear I have the funnest and funniest children around. They are so much fun!!

He had decided he had had his fun and was on his way to play some more while we finished the photo shoot. Rylin was being as adorable as ever.

I let her make up her poses on her own can you tell? lol

And Sam had to join her as well. I am super bummed that some of these are a little blurry but HAD to include them as they show the love between these two.

Now time for matching outfits made by mom...
My beautiful girls.
And that was that. It was so much fun and I hope to get Lane to join in dressed for the occasion next time. : )