Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lanes first day!

Lane is all day this year, hoping he does ok since he still really requires a nap. We will see and can change it as necessary. After some drama about not being about to wear a ratty play shirt Lane got to pick out breakfast. He chose jelly toast but only ate half a piece before saying he was done. He just wanted to get to school!
Sibling love, I am sure she is going to be lost with her brother and friends all at school! : (
Eyes closed but he looks so happy!!

Once we were out the door he was off! He ran a lot of the way but Rylin really slowed us down having to pick up leaves, rocks, sticks. Ya know all that nature stuff she loves so much!
Waiting at the corner for mom so we can cross.
Lane will some day kill me for this picture I am sure lol but I had to include it!

After a quick hug and kiss he was off and didn't even care that I was leaving. : (
And Rylin wanted to stay and play as well and cried when we left. I can't wait to hear all about his day! It will be weird and probably boring just being Rylin and I home during the day but I am looking forward to spending lots of time just the two of us!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Zoo!

In the final week before school started I wanted to get the Zoo squeezed in. They had a dinosaur set up that I thought Lane would love! We started off with a picnic lunch. We had to park in the over flow parking so just made do with sitting on the ground. The kids didn't seem to mind!
Of course Rylin was to excited to eat well so mainly ate chips. : )
We first stopped and watched the monkeys. They are so fun to watch!
Then we made out way to the dinosaur area. Rylin was scared!
It was pretty neat! Adrienne was the only one of my kids not scared.
This kinda shocked me. It is dinos feeding on another bigger dino. It was quite real looking!
They had little activity stands set around to do thing. Here Rylin is making a imprint of a dinosaur!
Lane wouldn't get too close and looked a little leery the whole time. Although I think he did like it since we had to stop in twice to check it all out.
We all played in the giant sand box as well.
This was one of the coolest things there. You go in and feed the birds, I didn't pay to go in because I honestly thought Lane and Rylin would freak out and want out and so stayed outside. Hence why there are blurry lines in the photos, I was outside the cage.
Boy did they prove me wrong! They both loved it!
Adrienne and her bird.
Payton and Lane, look at his concentration!

Little Rylin was sooo cute in there!

They could have stayed in there forever. But they had about 10 minutes in with the birds.
Lane loved the fish as well. I love the look of aww on his face.
Rylin Payton and Lane enjoying the fish.
Miss Adrienne sure enjoyed herself as well!
The one thing Lane went wanting to see, Alligators.
There is a bird really close to us in this photo. They kids were so excited by it and Rylin kept trying to go up and pet it!
She wanted to touch the water fall.
What a good big sister helping her little sis out.
This was Lane the whole time "don't take my picture!" .....boys!
My little model wanted to pose for every area we went to lol.
My sweet girls, Rylin wasn't too sure what to think of the bridge.
A friend of mine from High School and her girls came with us. We tried to get a group shot and failed.
And failed again. HeHe
Our children hatched from a egg.

My friend Amanda and her girls rode on a camel!
While we played on the cool playground they have.
Here is the turtle that came up to us to say hi. It was a beautiful day out and we really enjoyed ourselves. How one manages to spend 3 hours at the tiny Blank Park zoo I am not sure but we managed!

First day of 6th grade!!!

Adrienne has been so excited to get back to school and her friends! She got contacts this summer and has done great with them! She is totally into make up and so I got her some mascara (since she would "borrow" mine all the time anyways) and some pink lipstick. She slathered that on the first day and for being cheap it stains your lips really well! lol. I just can not get over the fact that she is in 6th grade!! She reported at the end of the day that she had had a great first day!!

Lazy day at the park

We all gathered at the park for another play group picnic. We sure enjoy catching up with all the other families and how their summer is going. Addie does more posing than playing I think lol.
She knows she is cute and has really come into herself this summer. She is growing so fast I just can't believe it.

Rylin is just big enough this year to get her little legs from one level to the next on this climber. She was so proud of herself when she discovered this!
Lane supervising, what else do brothers do. Making sure little sis is safe is a job he can be really good at, when he is not feeling feisty.

Aww my girls, boy they look a lot alike!
Lane just hanging out.
A rare good picture of him since his anti photo phase has started. sigh When he saw this photo he was like what shoes am I wearing? I said your brown loafers. He was like those let me climb FAST! lol
Rylin upset about something. So rough being the youngest!
The dare devils! I can't believe how unafraid of certain things these kids are!
And another of Rylins victories this summer, she learned to pump on the horses. She was soo proud of herself! I love seeing them discover and learn new things!