Monday, July 18, 2011

Family reunion

We gathered at Joe's Aunts farm for the family reunion. I love their farm. Rylin loves the chickens the best. She even got to pet some, she was in heaven!

The 2 person out house with electricity. It has writing on the walls all over the inside with funny things people have written.
Rylin enjoyed the trampoline after she was done swimming. I thought I took pictures while everyone was in the pool but I must have just taken video. : (
So a reunion blog post full of Rylin pics. The other kids were in the pool the whole time but it was a hot fun day until we went to leave and my van was broken and we had to get rides home and my van got taken on a flat bed. : (


Waiting for the parade it was already hot out at 10 am!
All the cute little Tarbills. : )
Their nifty little bags were handed out courtesy of Comart.
The boys.

The fire trucks were loud, reminds me of pictures I have of Adrienne at that age with her ears covered lol.
And then it started raining...
and it got heavier
but that didn't stop the kids or the parade!
It just changed things up a bit, out comes the umbrellas!
Tops went up on the cars....
water dripped from baby cheeks,
and the big kids too!
These were some of Lanes favorites!
Chairs sat empty while their owners took cover....
and signs washed away!
But the parade carried on
and even the big boys got in on the fun!
A cool float that friends of mine were on.

The little ones sharing candy, so sweet.
Boys will be boys, the rain washed candy down the side of the streets and the gutters were full it was totally crazy but felt so good with the heat. The kids and their clothes were soaked!!
All of our cute soaking kids. It was a fun and hot weekend but we all made the best of it!

Fun with the cousins

Three of my cousins and I met the Brook Side park for a picnic and to play at the splash park. The weather was beautiful and a good time was had by all.
Lane waiting to get into the splash park. He was hot can you tell?

My littlest water lover!

Adrienne and her second cousins.

We tried to get all the cousins to line up so we could get a group shot but several are missing. There was 15 kids total!

Adrienne and Alex. They had lots of fun together and were the oldest out of the bunch.

They had fun making the ball fly up in the water stream!

It was so much fun I can't wait to do it again soon!!

4th of July!!

We went to Williams for fireworks this year and I was beyond impressed. Uncle Andy came with us and Uncle Justin stayed home with Lane because he was was crashed and would not wake up. : ( I was sad that he missed it.
I was surprised Rylin was not afraid of the noise. They enjoyed it and there was no bugs!
Adrienne took a picture for me and said it turned out cute. This is the pic lol. Jane and Kyla met us there as well. It was a fun night and Rylin said when we were leaving that she wanted to watch them again tomorrow lol.