Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday!

 Easter morning started early with church service at 7:30 and Adrienne singing with her youth group and then a breakfast. Then it was home to finish the bread I started making and had left to rise while we were gone and let the kids do Easter fun at home. First it was a egg hunt.
 What is it about egg hunts that they could do them forever and never get bored...

 Then time for the Easter 'baskets.' This year I got totes they can take to the pool and beach with their stuff in them.

 They had a great Easter! It was time for some down time while bread baked and then off to the Stille's for Easter there!

 We did lunch and then it was time for yet another egg hunt. Sheesh you think they would be getting tired of them but nope! The little kids eggs were hit in the front and then they do an egg hunt (much harder, there was one egg that never got found!) in the back for the older kids and adults.

 And they are off. They have it down pat and quickly find all the eggs!

I didn't get pictures of the adult one as I had to hunt eggs too! lol It was a wonderful day!

House before and after...finally!

 Before of the living room. It seemed like a much smaller room with carpet and after doing the hard floor and living with it for a couple months now I will never put carpeting back into a house. It is impossible to really get clean and the hard floor is so much easier to care for! Plus you can actually get it clean! Very important when you are as ocd as I am. : )

 After. The trim is up on the door and window after almost 7 years! I repainted the stairs and wanted a dramatic look and got just what I wanted. I like how they really anchor the room. : )
 The rug was perfect for the room and fits my style to a T.
 Love that I can start having my plants down again since the children are old enough not to bother them. And this wooden chair my mother in law got is a adorable plant stand!
 And this was the blond color table in the before shot. I painted it as well. It is at the end of its life anyways so I figured if it didn't work out no biggie. But it turned out nice and is holding up just fine.

 Dining before and after. I changed the window treatments to match what we already had in the living room and it makes is more homey I think. I wish we would have done this years ago when we gutted the living room and spent a fortune on the carpet for that room.
Excited to get onto the rest of the house. : )

Roland Easter Egg Hunt!

 It was chilly and spitting rain the morning of the Easter Egg hunt but that is how the weather normally is every year it seems. Still doesn't stop us! As part of the Junior Auxiliary Adrienne helps hide eggs and is in charge of writing down the name of the person who finds the big prize eggs. This year Rylin and I helped hide eggs as well. So we had been out in the cold for an hour already when the hunt started hence the red noses. : )
 So Joe went with Lane and took pics with his phone and I went with Rylin and took pics with my phone. I didn't want my good camera out in this if it decided to down poor (which it did at the end).

 Lane is not a fan of hunting Easter eggs and really wanted to not even do it. : ( But Joe got him to change his mind and in the end he did pretty well.

 I love Lane in his hat. It is an adult size hat and when Joe was sizing it down for him he had him try it on and asked if it fit. Lane said well it makes me ears feel funny. Does yours make your ears feel funny. Joe told him yes it does. Lane replied with his cute little lisp then yup it fits perfect. It was pretty funny. : )
 A little blurry since we were walking but I wanted to get the excited smile that was on her face. She was ready to get some eggs!

 She ran from here to there gathering as many as she could and before she knew it they were all snatched up.
We were a wet mess by the time we got home but it was a lot of fun!