Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awana Grand Prix!

 Time for the much anticipated Awana Grand Prix! Lane was super excited to race his truck!

 When you first get there they have to weigh the car and then add weights if needed.
 Lane needed a few so they added these metal balls and hot glued them in.
 Then while waiting for all the racers to get weighted in we had dinner. Corn dogs, chips and a bar. It was pretty good.  : )

 This is the track that they go down...same one from when I was a kid.  : )
 All the cars that were entered. Each car gets to be raced 12 times.
 Lane placing his car at the top of the track. Then he ran down to the end of the track to watch his truck race!
 I didn't know when I got him the truck that they are slower than the cars : ( so he was in 4th all but a couple races.
 Eating popcorn while we wait for his next go round...
 Placing his truck up there again and this time he got 3rd! He was so excited you would have thought he had placed first! He ran over to me with the biggest smile I have ever seen and gave me a high five. I wish I could have caught it on camera. I was grinning ear to ear at his excitement.
After hours of racing he never placed high enough to get a trophy but did get a ribbon for racing in general. It was a fun night that was for sure! : )

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs

 Oh the excitement of dyeing Easter eggs! I think our Easter will have to be Saturday instead of Sunday due to sunrise service and family Easter and cooking all the bread and making dips ect on actual Easter but that is bonus for the kids. One less day to wait! So we decided to dye eggs tonight  : )
 We got two different kits this year. A marble kit and a candy apple kit. I didn't make all the colors for the marble because there were 12 and with using 2 I didn't think we needed that many.
 The candy apple was a hit and had the little kids not mixed up the colors to an ugly brown I think that is all they would have used. It leaves the eggs nice and shiny too!
 I only have one whisk but was going to have Rylin use that and you can see how excited she was about it....she ended up using her fingers and the spoons : )
 The each got to do 5 eggs ( I don't want to be eating egg salad for a month!) ; )

 It is so fun to watch them be creative!

 I had Joe take a picture of me with the kids since I always am the on behind the camera : )
 Joe just had to color one too! lol go figure my 4th child! ; )
 A little messy....
 Camo egg!

 Addie was the last one at the table so had it all to herself. She made some really pretty eggs!

All the finished eggs : ) Note that they have the child's initial and their eggs are in that row. Plus Addies last one that was drying waaay back there. I can't wait for the Easter bunny to come and the egg hunts. So much fun!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amanda's Shower!

 We had so much fun getting ready for the shower we threw Amanda! Finally the day had arrived and the turn out was better than we could have hoped for!

 We served brunch and has lots of yummy food! We ate and visited with each other, and as guests finished eating they had the chance to write Amanda and Chad a word of advice on marriage. Then it was gift time!
 I didn't get a lot of gift shots...ok just one : ) but I was enjoying the moment. She got tons of wonderful things including this handmade adorable snowman! Love you sister can't wait for the wedding!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013