Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making cookies!

 Adrienne is all about baking and has been bugging me to let her make cookies but with the condition of my house and replacing the floors I just couldn't have anymore mess going on. As it was I had hives the entire time we were laying the flooring. But things are more put together and so I let her have at it with help from little sister. Brother didn't want to help : )
 She used a bag cookie mix and then added extra flour so she could make roll out cookies.

 Rylin loves to bake as much as big sister!

 Lane thought he would get in on a photo op!
 Two missing bottom teeth and the one on top that he knocked loose with his knee is moving all about but not ready to come out just yet. Don't mind the spaghetti sauce on his face and eye brow! Sheesh!
 Nothing better than chubby little kid hands. : )
 They did a really great job! They all looked cute as well and we all know that makes them taste even better! : )

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Making playdough : )

 Nothing better to do on a cold winter day than have a jammie day and make play dough. Provides hours of fun!
 I was limited on salt so could only make a single batch but it was enough for them to play with at least. : )
Could you get any cuter!? He couldn't be left out!

Happy Birthday to Me : )

 Adrienne is all about making things special for me now that she can bake! She made me a wonderful cake (chocolate on chocolate my favorite!!) She even had the kids make a huge card for me!
 She is all about lighting candles under direct supervision!
 I LOVE my card! They did such a great job on it!
Thanks guys for making my day extra special! I have the best kids ever! : )

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rylin play

 I love looking at what Rylin comes up with the her toys. Excuse the naked girl lol.
 Because even a horse needs a bed. : ) She says they are all on time out.
 Pretty sure this is not the preferred method of transporting live stock...

 Now if we could just get into their little minds. Oh to be 4 again!

Making personal pizzas!

 As everyone knows we have Justins kids every other weekend. Pizza is a cheap meal and big hit and I decided to let them do personal pizzas for a change. It was messy and fun and they had a blast!
 Everyone getting the dough just right. Very serious business!

 Time for the toppings. They each got a turn and were eager for their change to doll up their supper.

 Love the flour on Rylins cheek, couldn't look cuter if she tried!
 With germs flying I gave them each a hand full of the cheese and meat. : )

 They could not wait for the pizzas to be done  in the oven! I love that they look like stair steps in this picture. Emma was sick and didn't come this weekend. We will have to do this again on a weekend she is here.
 Pizzas are done and a hit!

 Look who lost some teeth! : )

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vocal contest!

Adrienne was in a vocal contest along with numerous school districts around the area. They all gathered at the Ogden school and then went to Dairy Queen after for a much deserved treat. : )

I hope this works. : )