Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Adrienne!!

I am still getting used to how this new and improved blogger works. Used to be the last photo you upload is at the top of the blog and now that is not the case. I don't have time to fix it so enjoy a walk through the party backwards. : )
Adrienne enjoying her new to her Nikon camera. 

Singing the Happy Birthday song before devouring homemade ice cream cake. It is SOOO good! Also by the time you light 12 candles they are totally melting. Think I may have to go with the number candles from here on out! ": )

She is posing wearing the new robe her friend gave her. 

Rylin enjoying a movie with a party goer. She had a blast and I think felt she was a  important part of the partying. : )

Sam in seventh heaven. 

Adrienne requested Caseys pizza for dinner. It was a hit of course. I got 4 large pizzas and 4 packs of bread sticks and feared we would run out of food. These girls can eat! 

Gifts, the funnest part of the party in my opinion! This the the new camera case. Her camera was in it. It was the last gift from us she opened.

Earrings of course!

Purse and wallet. Her first "big kid" purse and she thinks Aunt Amanda would love it  since it is pink!

I love this picture of my girls!

The picture Rylin drew in Adrienne's card from us. I LOVE her little people she draws.

A dream catcher one of her friends made her.

Sam with the Birthday girl. We found out he loves playing with marshmallows  after throwing a couple around he  tasted one and then he ate a few before I put an end to that. He was ready for more!

This picture sums up the fun of the party. I was a little crazy at times but so much fun. We had a good group of girls with one more coming at 11pm. Yes you read that right. Not sure what went on there but she got to enjoy the big breakfast we cooked the next morning at least.

The decorations. I had it all ready when the girls came in from the bus.  While we watched movies in the dark we had the lanterns glowing. 

Each girl got a pink cup to keep and of  a lei.

Adrienne had a blast. I can not believe she is 12. Where does the time go?! She is super excited to almost be a teenager (I am not!) Ha. All I know is I am one blessed mama!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My personal cook!

While we were at Andy's he made his famous (yes famous!) homemade taco shells. Man they were awesome!

And he is single why? Ha Ha Love ya Andy!

This is my last post from my Ohio trip. I can't wait Andy will be home again before I know it since it took me forever to post all these lol. It was a great trip, can't wait to come back again!

Museum and Lunch

 On the of the days at Andy's we went to a history museum and to a bistro for lunch in Little Italy. I spared the the pictures I took at the museum except one that I HAD to include. : )
Rylin and I at lunch at the outdoor bistro.

Andy and Mom while at lunch. I was good food, could have been better service but what do ya do.

My life.

Rylin being the perfect patron. : )

It was really neat and I only got in trouble by the guards twice. : )


 While in Ohio we visited the aquarium. It was lots of fun, they had some really neat displays.
Can you find the creature on the bottom of this tank? He sure blends in!

Hanging with Grandma watching the fish. In this area they brought  them to you so you could pet them. 

My all time favorite!

Isn't he amazing?!

Rylin really liked them but by the end was one worn out little girl.
Two minutes in the car and she is crashed! 

West Side Markey

We went to the West Side Market in Cleveland while we were visiting Andy. It was AMAZING!
The girl with the cupcake skirt standing by the rack of cupcakes. How perfect. : )

It was huge to say the least and they had everything!

Miss you Andy!

We picked up a few things and made a delicious dinner!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cleveland Zoo

While we were visiting Andy we went to the Cleveland Zoo. It was SO hot that day and packed but we had lots of fun!
 Rylin loved seeing all the animals and getting to run around!

 Hydration was a must that was for sure.
 To see a good chunk of the zoo you had to travel forever uphill. They did have section where you could take stairs. I have no idea how mom managed I was sick of walking up the dang thing by the end!
 Rylin rode up in the stroller but ran the whole way down!

 My beautiful girl growing up way too fast!

 She was posing for me on a rock. Such a ham!

 The view from the top of the "hill" we walked up!

 While we were there Rylin mastered the slide. She has always been afraid of them. She looks so proud of herself!
 She had so much fun with her Uncle Andy! She love him to pieces!
This was one of my favorite exhibits because this seal was no idiot he knew he wanted in that door and would stare at it and then look around. He did this the entire time we stood watching him.

After the heat of the zoo Rylin quickly passed out in the car and we got some DQ and headed back to Andy's apartment for some much needed rest!