Monday, March 28, 2011

Miss Rylin's twirly skirt!!

I knit Rylin a twirly skirt and while she didn't want to wear it for my with Andy's prodding she ran over to put it on!
It is knit with cotton yarn and is super soft! I thinks she really likes it because she just kept twirling in it till she fell down on the floor with a huge smile on her face!
Andy is ready to take her for a twirl, sad this is one of the best pictures of the skirt lol.
I am working on a matching tank top to go with it and can't wait to get a picture of her wearing the outfit mommy made.

Addies new found talent

Adrienne has been working with Grandpa and Uncle Andy to learn to shoot the bow and arrow.
Getting the arrow in place
She has great form!
And after she shot. She is really proud of herself as are Joe and I. Maybe a compound bow is in her future and she can bow hunt with Daddy.

Doggie play date

So mom called me and this is how the phone call went
mom: Nosey has a request
me: Oh what is that
mom: Nosey wants Sam to come play. Ok lol But they are dogs...
So we went over there after nap for a doggie play date and everyone had a good time
Nosey taking a breather
Because this is what they do most of the time, run!
And then they need in for a drink. I can't believe how much they love playing together! Just hearing that the other is coming over they get super excited!! That is puppy love!

cousin cuddles

Usually every other weekend Emma comes to stay with us. The kids really look forward to her being here and they spend the whole time playing together. At night they usually camp out in the living room, Rylin has even made it half the night once!
Those silly girls. As some of you know we will be having Justins little boy Blake joining us here soon on our fun family weekends. He just turned 3yo and should fit in great!

Busy mommy

ok so yes she is in the buff, when is she not but she was just too cute sitting in her little tent with her babies all lined up. She has the cloth diaper Grandma Cheri made her on one of her babies and will check it and tell her baby "you need your diaper changed, you are stinky" lol.

Twirly skirt sweetness

This little cutie is my friends Janes little one. I knit her a twirly skirt for her Birthday, I think she looks adorable in it!!

Carnival fun!!

Adrienne and I attended her school carnival. She had lots of fun playing the games but first time to chow down!
First stop get in the spirit with hair painting.
Under normal circumstances I would freak out but this washes out easily : )
Next time for some color on our nails..
Say cheese my pretty little lady
How fun, hot pink with glittery silver stripes.
Then the rest of the night was spent standing in long lines and playing games.
This is one of my favorites, and Adriennes as well. Just like on The Price is Right.
At the end of the night no can of pringles were won but it was nice to get out just my and my girl. : )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little fellow

My little Lane is a tender hearted guy. If he finds a bug it becomes his 'little fellow' as he call him and he will "play with and protect" that poor little bug.
Lane and Rylin found a Asian Lady Beetle and the poor thing was scared I think, I know I would be if I was that little.
Timeless fun. If the poor thing survives the "love" from my boy then we have to release him back outside.
He will be in heaven this summer with all the Asian Lady Beetles and Boxelder bugs that like to find their way into our house.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play dates...

Every Thursday we get together with Our friends Jane and Kyla. Two of the Thursdays we go to playgroup and the other two Thursdays we go to Bible study. Then we all head back to our house and try out a new recipe for lunch and the kids play the afternoon away while we chat.
The only good picture of the kids at playgroup. Look at Lanes face lol.
One of their favorite things to do is play kitchen set. Maybe it is because Jane and I are in the kitchen cooking ourselves.
Are they not cute. We love out Thursday get together and are all looking forward to the nice weather when we can add the park to our routine!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Date night

Adrienne, Andy and I had a date night. We went bowling, had dinner and did some shopping. I have to say I was quite excited that I won in bowling as I have not been bowling in over 10 yrs!
Adrienne did not do to bad either! She had tons of fun, I love her form in this picture!

I was shocked that one game of bowling for 3 people cost $23.24 but it was a ton of fun!
My whale cheese ball. : )
What cuties!
Adrienne loves being the center of attention. Shocking I know for who ever knows her huh.
Addie had a Dr. Appt which is what brought us to town. In the few minutes we had waiting for the Dr. Addie had to strike a pose.
That is my girl. Loves the camera! We had a great night, makes me want to bowl more often!!

Lone player at playgroup

Every Thursday we go to playgroup. We have for a couple years. Before Lane started school him and Rylin would play nicely while I got to chat with the other moms. But since Lane no longer comes Rylin sits on my lap till about 5 minutes till the end. This is one of her favorite things to play with while we are there, right next to mom.
All zebras ride on buses right?

So cute. I am hoping one of these days she will run off her energy and have a blast. Ahh my shy girl.