Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 I love me a good camping trip. We hadn't been in a couple years because our weekends are so full with me working every other and I swear every friend Joe has has been getting married. But we finally found a weekend and made reservations weeks in advance. I didn't sleep for 3 nights leading up to it I was so excited!!  Lane was too and crashed out on the way to the camp grounds!

 We got the tent all set up and made a quick dinner. Hot dogs, brats, pasta salad and beans. YUM!  Joe sat in the little kid area. : )
 While Addie and I braved the hot sun at the picnic table. Then we just hung out and enjoyed each others company.
 Rylin enjoyed stealing the show as always. They were excited for dark to come so we could do sparklers!

 Mom and the girls. The only picture of me the whole trip pretty much. Except for the one of me helping Rylin on a horse. I think I need to put Joe on photo duty more often!
 Finally its time!! Sparklers!! They had a blast with them!

 I bought them for the kids to play with but.....the pictures say it all lol.

 After sparklers were done they headed to bed and slept pretty good. It was a little chilly the next morning but was what I consider the perfect camping weather!

 Daddy made us a yummy breakfast of eggs toast and bacon. Yum. I love cooking over an open fire!

 What I did the night before. everyone knits lace while camping right? : )
 The next day we headed out on the boat. These were taken on my phone. Just in case we flipped the boat didn't want to ruin my expensive camera lol.
 Rylin either found it boring or very relaxing. She fell asleep sitting up. I had her lay down and use Joe's life vest as a pillow and she slept for about 3 hours!
 Lane enjoyed every minute of it!! He is my outdoors boy!
 When we got back to the camp we found that we had new neighbors and they had horses. The kids asked if they could pet them and they were very nice and let them many times. Even after Lane fell in the pile of fresh poo!

 They headed back to our site to cook up the fish we caught. Rylin and Lane had fun playing with them while waiting for Dad to get everything ready to fillet them.
 She is such a ham, and all boy!
 And then there is Lane lol. The look on his face says it all!
 Rylin had lots of fun laughing at him trying to hold the fish!
 While watching Dad fillet them the kids were talking about how dad was cutting up their friends. It was really cute!

 Rylin got brave and asked to go for a ride on the horse. They were kind enough to saddle her up and take them each for a ride.
 Addie first, she loved it.

 Then Lane, he looks like a natural.

 And Rylin, she found she wasn't so brave after all and that it was really high up! We refused to ride : ( lol
 Sunday we got up, made another big breakfast and packed up camp. We headed out to do some fishing. The spot Joe picked was covered in these yellow flowers and I had to take some pictures!
 I can't wait to  print some of these off!

I love so many of them!

 I am blessed that is for sure!
 We had so much fun camping that we decided that we are saying no to things, important things like reunions so we can sneak in a few more camping trips this year. The kids just grow too fast to miss out on times like these!

Our Beautiful Girls

 Grandma Cheri made all the grand girls matching dresses. So we attempted a photo shoot. We did get some cute ones but we got some er many bloopers as well.
 Just my girls, you can sure tell they are sisters!
 And the attempts at group shot.
 These make me smile, everyone doing their own thing.

We did get a good group shot in the end! The dresses are so cute and loved by all! My girls will even wear them together when we are just sitting home because they love them and matching! <3


Mr Lane, he is loving to draw and places pictures of mainly semis all over my house. Bathroom, bedroom you name it there is a picture hanging in it. The photo above is a night he crashed watching a movie in our bed. He was so cute I had to sneak in to steal a shot.