Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A fun craft

 This craft was Adrienne's idea and everyone (including me!) had lots of fun with it. Bonus that we already had everything to do the craft and it is super cheap!
 You take coffee filters, if you have both sizes that would be a fun variation. We only had the large size so that is what we used.
 You cut them into snow flakes, like so. Note Mr. Bear in the back ground <3 br="br">
 Rylin making her snowflake. : )
 Adrienne is standing at the counter because she is filming it for a tutorial. She is really into making different tutorials lately.
 Look at my pretty snowflake!
 Next we want to dye them, so we are trying different methods to find what works the best. Adrienne was thinking if we used marker and then got them wet it would bleed nicely but that didn't happen.  I thought if we dropped food coloring no them it would fan out pretty and that didn't work very well either.
 So we opted for food coloring and water. Here Lane is adding a little more yellow and Rylin is stirring.
 Now the real fun begins!!

 It is messy but turned out so pretty!
 Love the hands on the hips as she assess her latest snow flake!

 We ended up ditching the making of the snowflakes to dye and just started dying coffee filter!

 As I was watching them, dying a few and taking photos I thought of all the crafts this old kitchen floor has been apart of. Makes me kinda sad how fast kids grow!

 I don't have a final count on how many beautiful coffee filters we dyed but a good chunk out of the package. I can't wait to hang them somehow and get to enjoy them for awhile longer.

Decorating Grandma and Grandpas tree!

 The other night we went to Grandma and Grandpas house to eat dinner and decorate the tree. Here Kylie and Rylin are putting the tree together.

 Everyone helping to put it together although in the end some branches were on the wrong levels lol.

 Adrienne going through the ornaments. Kylie got a kick out of all the ones of Ben as a little boy! Sad that we are missing so many from when all of us other kids were little : (
 Kylie doing the lights. She pretty much did the most work right Kylie! ; )
 After lights we loaded it with pretty ornaments and didn't get finished before we had to go home for bed since it was a school night. It was fun, makes me super excited for all of us to get together for Christmas in a couple weeks!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lanes Concert

 My handsome little man! Although he hates having his photo taken he was sweet enough to give me one quick shot!
 I'm not sure that he actually sang (and dang I need a telescopic lense : ( ) But it was fun to watch them. On the way out of the school we were singing one of my favorite songs from the concert that he has been singing at home. Mittens and Gloves, Gloves and Mittens. Soft and warm just like a kitten meow. Keeps my fingers warm and snug, cozy as a big bear hug Roar!


Santa at the Library

 Every year we go and visit Santa at the library. This year I was a little sad to find out that Lane no longer believes in him : (  Seems so young but I am guessing the boys at school have it all figured out. Rylin enjoyed coloring some pictures while waiting for the jolly guy to show up.
 My shy lane chose to read for starts.

 We were number 6 in line to talk to Santa and both the kids refused. So as a group we went up and talked to him and I snapped a photo of him (looking a little lonely) as we walked away.
 Back for more coloring before we headed back home. I think they had fun though.
 On the way out Rylin wanted her picture taken by the old fire truck. Lane chose not to get his photo taken in front of it. He is so shy around the camera : (

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Its Starting To Look A Lot Like Chirstmas....

 Adrienne had been bugging me to set the tree up since before Thanksgiving and I finally gave in the other day. The nice thing is they don't need my help setting it up.  So I just got to tidy the rest of the house while they worked and took time to take pictures. As I was looking through all the photos I took I found some where Rylin has part of a hook in her mouth. I am thinking to myself does supervising count if you have a camera smashed to your face? I'm thinking no. : /
 They had a lot of fun, ok we all did. Lots of laughs that night. Here are my stair step children. : )
 Rylin took the top of the tree and put it in the base, thinking she had set the whole tree up herself she was pretty proud!
 Sorting by colors...
 And working as a team to put all the branches on. <3 p="p">
 Adrienne arranging the branches to fill in bare spots.
 Lights are on, now we can get to the fun part of decorating!
 I have to say I can not WAIT till Rylins hair finishes growing out from her personal hair cut!
 They are so cute how gentle they are with the ornaments.
 And then it happened, Rylin had a great idea for the old tree skirt...
 Meet super Rylin, faster than a speeding bullet, that is all I know of that saying. : /
 This is where most of the laughing that night came in. We would all have to stop and laugh at the photo of them running through the shot. (And I wondered how it took 2 hours to set up the tree).
 Lane had to take a turn of course..
 Just as funny of photos from him as well!
 Yes folks you are seeing this right, Adrienne needed a turn as well!
 The laughter continues. It was so much fun!
 And in the end a beautiful tree for us to enjoy! I love this time of year!